Introduce your Feline to New Pet Dog

You might have heard hundreds of stories, and must have seen several movies about cats and dogs being sworn, enemies. And no doubt this is true to some extent, but there are several cases of cats and dogs living under the same roof peacefully. And no doubt many of you might want to know that How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog that hates Cats?

Well, there are some remedies for this as well, and if you follow them then you also might be able to get a dog and cat in a single house as your pet. So, first of all, you need to understand both of these animals. As dogs like to live in packs, and always the stronger ones become the leader, so the same will be the case in your house. Your pet canine would try to be dominant on any other pet inside the house.

Nature of Cats and Dogs

Then on the other hand cats are a kind of a loner, and spends most of their time alone while roaming around. So, in other words, all a cat needs are her own space to roam freely without any restrictions. So make sure that your cat gets her own space in the house, while dog becomes the leader of all the pets by showing him as dominant. After this whosoever is your first pet, make sure that you should introduce him to the new pet as well as soon as possible.

This will surely be best for both of them to get familiar with each other. If your first pet is a cat then never hold her in your hand during the first meeting, because cats will start to scratch anything around them when they are furious.


After that give your cat a separate room, where the dog does not try to show his dominance. And make sure that room is just for that cat. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to have a close eye on both of them just in case if they try to pick a fight. Furthermore, you should know that when cats and dogs are eating, then they become quite mad about any presence around them. So try to feed both of them far from each and other, and also try that both of them are fed at the same time so that none of them should interfere with each other.

Be boss of House

IF you have a dog as your first pet, then you should know that dogs have a very strong sense of smell. So before you bring a cat in the home, try to get something that belongs to that cat, like a blanket or any toy. Bring that stuff to your home, and let your dog smell and play with it. In this way, your dog will be already familiar with the smell of the cat, and it will not take long for him to identify her presence upon her arrival. And last but not least, that make sure you tell them both that you are the boss of the house.

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