Business Marketing For Social Media Network for Amazon Affiliate Sites

I’ve only been working with the Amazon Associates program now for about six months but already I’ve found that a few simple tools and techniques are helping me to create productive Amazon affiliate sites more quickly which gives me more time to brainstorm and to write better content for existing sites.

Choosing a topic/niche/keyword phrase

When I want to build a new site I spend some time using the Google External AdWords tool to find a niche that gets decent monthly searches but isn’t too hot competition-wise.  I try to find keyword phrases that have global monthly search volumes of between 5000 and 150000 and have medium competition in the AdWords tool.

Most people think that the competition listed on the tool is how many affiliate sites are competing which is actually not true; it’s an indicator of how much competition there is for bidding on that phrase for business marketing.  So contrary to what you may have initially thought low competition isn’t ideal as it means that people are not buying ads to promote it.

Setting up the site

So once I have a phrase in mind that fits my criteria I buy the .com or .net domain that matches the keyword phrase exactly and add it to my hosting account.  Once it’s setup on my hosting I use Fantastic too quickly and easily install the latest WordPress onto the domain.  At this point we’re ready to start doing some product research and write some content.

A software setup that works!

You have a domain, it’s setup on your hosting, you have an idea what you’re gonna promote; now what?  For the sake of this article let’s assume that you already have done your product research and written your content.  Next what I do is use wprobot to quickly import products from Amazon onto my site.

What makes wprobot really awesome is that you can define post templates using a simple tag system they provide.  This allows you to define the layout and content of the post and it lets wprobot know which bits of information you wish to be imported from Amazon.  You can use this to grab the title, description, reviews, photos, etc and it also handles inserting your affiliate tracking code.

Until I had been exposed to wprobot I had to generate my affiliate links manually through the Amazon Associates page and then insert it into my post, grab the images, etc all myself.  The time saved by wprobot on building a single site has more than paid tag and the greatest thing about it is that it can be used for more than just Amazon affiliate sites.

Wprobot can be leveraged for any auto-content site such as AdSense sites, Clickbank sites, Commission Junction sites, RSS aggregators, etc.  There’s pretty much no end to what you can build with this plugin.

ClickBump seo augments this by keeping track of things like keyword density and other business marketing techniques.  It quickly and easily allows you to boost the probability of your site content getting indexed and ranked.  In the WordPress dashboard under the posts listing it provides and seo score for each post and then on the post detail page it gives you a list of suggestions to improve its seo score.

I find its journal review and allow me to off-load some of my content generation to less-experienced people because they have a clearly defined visual indicator to guide them and it tells them exactly what should be added/changed to improve the post.

If you use this software stack to power your Amazon affiliate sites I think you’ll be happy with the ease of creating new sites and just how much more effective this can be (especially if you are building out social media network of sites to generate larger income for yourself).

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