Maritime Lawyer Houston

If you operate a ship or any other vessel that travels through the ocean, there are certain legal matters that you have to consider. Some of these include, but may not be limited to:

  •  Marine commerce
    •    Marine navigation
    •    Marine salvaging and shipping
    •    Managing sailors and other members of your crew
    •    Transporting passengers

Maritime lawyer Houston deals with the legal issues surrounding oceanic travel, especially as it related to a commercial environment. It deals with sections of the law that involve the relationships between private entities that operate and manage these types of vessels.

Aspects of Maritime Law

Maritime law shouldn’t be confused with “the Law of the Sea,” which deals with public laws that apply to international waters. While both have their own jurisdictions, maritime law involves a more specific area. It deals with several aspects related to the business relationships between companies and the people who facilitate its operation. These can include, but may not be limited to:

  •  Maintenance and cure – Requires ship owners to pay for the medical care of an injured crewmember.
    •    Personal injuries to passengers – Requires ship owners to provide a “reasonable degree of care” to injured passengers.
    •    Maritime liens and mortgages – Authorizes the seizure of a vessel to which an unpaid lien is attached.
    •    Salvage and treasure salvage – Deals with the salvage rights of a ship that has been lost of severely damaged.

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Salvage Claims in Maritime Law

If a ship has been lost at sea, the person conducting the rescue is entitled to certain salvage rights, but he or she must make every effort to save the lives of everyone on board.
There are two types of salvage claims:

  •  Contract salvage claims – The person performing the salvage enters a contract with the ship owner before the operation begins.
    •    Pure salvage claims – There is no contract before the salvage operation begins, so the relationship between the salvor and the ship owner is implied by law.

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