menstruation pain ? don’t worry

Herbal medicines will more safe than chemical of course. Menstruation is a cycle of every woman that occurs every month as long as the person has entered the age of childbearing. According to the health science, first menstruation is called menarche. The occurrence of menarche between one person and another person are not the same. There are menarche at age 10,11,12 even some that when the 18-year-old had just experienced menarche. Menstruation itself there are regular occurrence every month, but some are not routinely advent, sometimes forward, backward, not even come each month.

Typically, complaints are often felt by those Menopause is a pain in the abdomen, pain during menstruation is often referred to as disminorhea. This pain can occur due to many factors. Could be due to the process of blood spending too much, there is also that because it has such a descent. But do not worry about how to reduce or even eliminate menstrual pain. This article about tips on how to cope with pain when we’re menstruating:
By using traditional medicine menstrual pain relievers

You can take a pain reliever menstruation, these drugs you can buy in the supermarket is definitely there, you can make your own concoction at home using herbal medicines that spice. If you intend to make this concoction at home, supplies needed are:
herbal medicine

young tamarind leaves
brown sugar and water

How To Make:

First peel turmeric. Then wash as well as wash turmeric young tamarind leaves.
After that prepare water in a skillet or saucepan, boil until boiling, then enter acid and turmeric leaves, boiled again. Then put up a sweet brown sugar according to taste.
After the heat again until boiling back. After boiling again, pick up the skillet or pan. Chill.

This drink can drink 2 times in 1 day. Then your menstrual pain will be reduced even normally be lost. In addition to relieving menstrual pain, this herb can also be used to eliminate bad odors when we are menstruating.

Similarly tips on how to get rid of menstrual pain naturally with herbal medicines. Do not forget to share these tips if useful. Good luck and may be useful for all.

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