Bored with cough ? try this one

Best remedy for cough may be you choice for your cough problem. Traditional natural medicine for cough cough phlegm and a dry cough. Cough sometimes be something very irritating and painful, especially at night, rest was so disturbed. Sometimes cough medicines circulating in both the drug store syrup and tablets are no longer functioning properly.

Coughing is generally caused by a disturbance in the respiratory tract receptors, either in the form of dust, bacteria, or mucus and phlegm. When this occurs, the nerve layer of the respiratory tract will respond reflexively continually that eventually we call cough. We will share about the best natural remedy for cough.

Ginger and Powder
Ginger has anti-bacterial content pretty well capable of removing phlegm. In addition, ginger is also able to warm body shivering from the symptoms of cough and fever. How: Slice ginger and kencur thin, grated also. Then the slices boiled squeeze and take the water. Drinking water 3 times a day, or when the throat feels itchy.

Lime mixed with soy sauce has long been recognized as a natural cough up phlegm. You can use these drugs to treat cough with phlegm. If do not like it can be replaced with soy sauce with honey. How: Squeeze the lime juice and mix with soy sauce or honey. Drink 3 times a day.

Betel Leaves
Betel leaves also contain antibiotics that can be used as a cough with phlegm and remove phlegm. How: Boil betel leaves mixed with a hint of ginger. Allow the cooking water for a while, minimum 1 times a day.

Dry Cough

Turmeric and Honey

To treat dry cough, can take advantage of saffron and honey, and milk can be added. Turmeric has natural khasial to eliminate dry cough due to respiratory inflammation. How: Make a glass of milk and then add 1/2 teaspoon finely ground turmeric. Then add honey to taste. Drink 1 day 2-3 times.

Basil was believed to cure a variety of diseases, including cough with phlegm. The way is easy, that is the way to prepare a cup of water, inputs 2-3 basil leaves, boiled water and munum while warm.

Celery and Honey
Honey and celery can also treat cough. How: Rinse 30 grams of celery and cut into pieces. Put the pieces in 3 cups of boiling water, leave to sisah 1 cup. Drink the potion 2 times a day morning and afternoon.

That miraculous herb traditional cough medicine you can use as an alternative to treat cough with phlegm and a dry cough. If you have tried the above and cough medicine has not changed, it’s good to immediately consult a specialist doctor for more details ask that you suffer pain. Hope it is useful. Thus article about the best remedy for cough, may be able to help you.

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