Outdoor activities for toddlers

Summer can turn out to be a magical time when one has children. It can also be rather long, with one day at home seeming as same as the one before. It is tempting to spend the days indoors due to the intense heat and laziness, playing video games or watching television. But when kids look back on their childhood days, they should remember being active and playing. Plus doing things together that do not involve a screen.

Instead of waiting for vacation to entertain your children in the summer. You should plan one backyard activity each day. They do not have to be extravagant or costly or even require a lot of time preparing for. The key is to have an attitude of fun and adventure and to make sure each of the kids, even the toddler participates. Some of the summer activities have been listed below

Digging for treasure:

Materials needed:

  • Small objects to hide
  • Shovels
  • Sandbox
  • Colander


  • Hide tiny items in the sandbox for your toddler to find as he digs.
  • Try using an old kitchen colander to scrutinize through the sand.
  • If you like, spray-paint rocks in shiny gold and silver, and do show your toddler how to search for the hidden treasure.

Sponge Play:

The toddler will love to transfer the water from one bowl to another in this sponge activity.

Materials needed:

  • Water
  • 2 bowls or other containers
  • Sponges


  • Fill one of the bowls with water and then add a few drops of food coloring if you like.
  • Do show the toddler how to put the sponge in the bowl of water, and then transfer the water into the empty bowl by holding the sponge.

The chair maze

Build a maze consisting of chairs and see whether the toddler is able to find the exit

Materials required:

  • Chairs


  1. This activity will do great outdoors as well as indoors.
  2. Place the chairs in a maze like manner across the room.
  3. Let the toddler crawl among them and walk over them, or use them as a train for his or her stuffed animals.

Cycling with the toddler:

Get the toddler the best balanced bike. Take the toddler to a suitable location and teach him or her how to move the pedals. Toddlers love to bike around the yard. Do keep an eye on him or her for the first twenty to thirty trips he or she makes. Let go when they have a hang of it.

Toddler sprinkler:

Make a sprinkler the toddler, fill it with water, and let her water everything outside.

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This idea may become a real hit around the outside of the house, of course!


  • Hammer and nail
  • Big plastic bottle (gallon milk jugs work great)


  • Use a hammer and nail to make holes in the bottommost part of a large plastic bottle.
  • When you are outside, fill the bottle with water and let your child sprinkle the grass, flowers, driveway, sidewalk etc.

 The Pretend Car Wash

This activity helps to teach your child how to wash her riding toys in a hot day.

Materials required

  • Bucket of warm, soapy water
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Hose
  • Riding toys


  • Help the toddler set up a toddler car wash.
  • Give him or her bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge, and let her wash her riding toys.
  • The toddler might need help using the hose to rinse them when the toddler is finished.



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