What are the Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living is a common term use for senior’s citizens which include long-term care options like Housing, health care, and support services. This Living technique is mostly required by those people who need assistance in doing their regular work. They need help in every case of life like eating a meal, medication, management of resources, dressing, bathing and transportation from one place to another. Assisted Living Facilities are designed especially for those people who have mental disorders like Alzheimer and such people need assistance in doing their routine work.

Assisted Living Denver Colorado

Assisted Living Facilities in Denver CO, USA

Assisted livings Facilities are also known as nursing care homes for older people particular for those who have mental diseases. According to a survey there are around 31,000 nursing care homes or assisted living facilities are available all over the country, and around one million senior are residing in these nursing care homes. The Concept of this living system was introduced around twenty-five years before, and now it becomes a preferable living system for the seniors.

What age of People living in Assisted Living Facilities?

According to a Survey from the Government, it is revealed that fifty present seniors are those whose age is above than 85 years living in these Facilities houses. From these people only forty percent are those who need an assistant to do their regular work. The Staying period in these facilities is around 22 months for each. The number of females’ seniors is more than male seniors who are living in these nursing houses.

What Facilities offered by these Assisted Living Houses in Denver?

Many assisted facilities are provided by the nursing care houses, some of them are listed below, infect these are the best assisted Living facilities in Denver Colorado.

  • They are offering three times meal a day that is served in the main dining hall.
  • Exercises and health programs
  • Social activities
  • Transportation
  • Security of all times
  • Housekeeping and personal laundry services

There are some assisted services are also provided by them which are listed below

  • 24 hours staff for programmed or non-programmed services
  • An assistant for bathing, eating, walking, etc.
  • All time access to medical services

Cost for Assisted Living Services

The cost for this varies with the kind and type of facilities available in the nursing care house. Usually, they cost $3,326 for a month to provide these assisted living facilities to their residents. It will include all kind of services that they offer, however, the cost changes yearly or monthly basis. Here this is also one fact that sometimes we don’t which sort of assisted living facility we should choose for our seniors, so pay more than actual one. What we should do? We should hire someone to assist us in this regards. Stacys Helping Hand, Inc http://www.stacyshelpinghand.com/ help families to choose the right assisted living facility in Denver Colorado. So don’t time waste and visit Stacys Helping Hand, Inc for your initial free consultation.

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