Preparing for a Child Custody Case

In many divorce cases, custody of a child is usually a joint one since it is deemed beneficial to the child to have regular interactions with both parents. There are times, however, when one parent wants sole custody of the child because the other parent is incapable of being a good mother or father to the kid. In cases like this, the parent aiming for sole custody needs to prove to the court that their former spouse is indeed unfit to have a child in their presence.

In child custody cases, the person filing for sole custody has to prepare testimony that highlights the inadequacies and other factors that show why it is better to give the child to them. This testimony should include actions that have put the child in harm’s way. Incidents where the other parent has shown irresponsibility not only to the child, but also in their own lives can be factored into the testimony. Such evidence proves that this person is ultimately incapable of supporting the child financially.

Providing Evidence with the Help of an Investigator 

When you are aiming for sole custody of your child in a custody case, your testimony won’t hold water if this is not backed by evidence. This is why collecting evidence for child custody hearings is needed, and a good reason why you should hire a competent private investigator. A PI will be able to gather testimony from other people connected to you and your ex to corroborate your statements.

Aside from gathering testimonies from witnesses, the private investigator you hire will also present physical evidence to back up statements regarding character, actions, and inability to support a child. These can be pictures that are taken of the person in question during dubious activities. This can also include physical evidence proving drug use like syringes with their fingerprints on them, and even unpaid bills that the other party cannot seem to pay.

You can also use social media to point out these issues in court, and your investigator can find what you need from your ex’s accounts as well as other sources online to back your testimonies with. Examples of evidence that is gained from online sources include images of reckless behavior that can endanger a child’s well-being, like pictures online of driving in a car with the child not in a child seat or not buckled up, or talking with someone while leaving a child in a stroller unattended.

Since the use of online evidence has been accepted by courts for these cases, more couples now find that using social media in custody battles is very effective. Finding information that can support testimonies and claims of parental incapacity can now be found via pictures, posts, and geomapping on these portals. Evidence can now be gained from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for these cases.

Social media geomapping can also be used to point out an ex’s inadequacies when it comes to caring for a child. One parent used geomapping and check-in posts on Facebook to point out to the judge that his ex was constantly out of town while their toddler was left at home with different people for long periods of time. Even when your ex unfriends you and blocks you from their social media page, evidence can still be gathered against them using these pages with the help of a practiced social media investigator.

Preparing for a child custody case can be a lengthy and tedious process. However, by getting help from private investigators and other specialists, winning a child custody battle is a simple matter of compiling the right kind of evidence and using them effectively in court.

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