4 Tips to Deep-Clean Your Bathroom

4 Tips to Deep-Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom is often seen as a mundane task. It’s a boring chore that people assume takes hours to complete but in reality, a deep-clean doesn’t require you to book a full day out of your busy schedule.

Areas such as the toilet, showerheads and tile grouting should be looked at. If not, stains can accumulate over time and become increasingly more stubborn the longer they’re left.

However, if you regularly follow these four deep cleaning tips, you will only spend a few minutes each week dedicated to cleaning your bathroom and it will always look (and smell) as fresh as it did when you moved in:

1. How to clean a toilet

Despite being one of the most off-putting areas of the bathroom, the toilet needs to be regularly cleaned to eliminate bad odours and stains. You don’t have to reach for the plunger to do this; in fact, you can simply make a DIY mixture to do the work for you!

Pour a quarter-cup of chlorine bleach down the basin of the toilet and leave it to sit for a few minutes to absorb the dirt, then flush. Repeating this process twice a week is guaranteed to leave you with a toilet that always looks as good as new.

2. Cleaning a showerhead

You may also want to think about your showerhead when deep-cleaning your bathroom as if it is left for too long, the actual function of the part may become ineffective. This is because dirt, mould and other bacteria can form in the watering holes, reducing the water pressure and leading to less water being ejected.

The showerhead can be cleaned by soaking it in vinegar overnight. Rinse the solution in the morning and repeat once a month for the best results.

3. Bacteria-free towels

Many people forget that when it comes to cleaning your bathroom, additional things such as towels and bathmats should also receive a regular clean. This is because fluffy materials in a bathroom are likely to become a bacterium breeding ground due to the warm and humid environment.

Ensure that the towels in your bathroom are replaced at least twice a week to avoid this, and steam-clean the rugs with a steam-cleaner to prevent bath mats hosting the issue.

4. Removing tile grout mould

When cleaning a bathroom, you may notice that the grouting between your wall tiles quickly becomes dirty and begins to show dirt soon after you clean it. This is because tile grouting needs to be cleaned regularly to remove staining.

You can clean your tile grouting by adding baking soda onto an old toothbrush and scrubbing away at the grout. Leave to sit and rinse to remove the dirt, and repeat at least twice a month.

In order to eliminate this process completely, you may want to consider changing the tiles in your bathroom to wall cladding alternatives which do not require extensive and vigorous cleaning. Because it eliminates grouting all together, cladding only requires cleaning with a soapy sponge once a week.

By following these four steps, your bathroom will look clean in no-time at all. The best part? It doesn’t take tonnes of time to do and if kept on-top of, will only require a few minutes each week.

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