Salesforce – Make Sure You Make The Most Of It

Any companies that are using Salesforce simply as a customer database instead of a fundamental part of the sales process is failing to take full advantage of their system. Salesforce is an extremely powerful customer relationship management system that will help you transform how you deal with customers resulting in a more consistent experience for the customer and hence and greater levels of  satisfaction.

But these benefits can only be achieved if you use SalesForce to its full potential by populating it with all the client data you have and then using that data to make better business decisions.

Train Your Employees

It’s not uncommon for people to under-utilise advanced systems like SalesForce and the number one reason for this is a lack of knowledge about the full capabilities available within the system. The answer is simple: ensure all employees using the system attend the relevant sales management training courses that will help then take full advantage of the tools at their disposal.

The Importance of Integration

Salesforce, like any data management tool, is only as good as the data you put into it so the most value will be gained if you use it whenever possible. You may already have other tools for certain tasks but it is very likely that SalesForce already has the same functionality so ditch any unnecessary tools. Instead use the full capabilities of a single tool. Imagine  no more copying and pasting information from emails or Word docs. Everything you need to deal with new and existing clients can done in Salesforce decreasing admin time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Customise to your requirements

Salesforce is a flexible system and enables you to tailor it for your particular requirements and also to suit the processes that sales professionals are used to. It will work better for your business when employees understand what they are seeing.

Add to the experience

There are multiple apps that can be added into Salesforce to expand its functionality even further. From Survey Monkey to SCOTSMAN Commitment Manager there’s an app that can help you make the most of Salesforce.

Use It On The Go

In our digitally connected world there is still a need to visit prospective clients that are important to your business. By having your Salesforce CRM data easily accessible on the go you can instantly refer to earlier documentation if there are any queries and record meeting notes while they are still fresh in your mind.

Detailed Analytics

One of the main advantages of using a CRM rather than a bunch of M/S Office files is that you can easily analyse your customer data. This can reveal useful patterns and insights that can help you adapt your approach to better meet client needs, part of the power of using a CRM system such as SalesForce. Data analysis can help your business focus on the most profitable parts of your existing client base and predict more accurately the type of prospective clients most likely to be profitable for you.

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