Staying Healthy And Other Incidental Habits Of Life

Of course, you want to stay health y– right? The benefits would seem obvious, but a bit of a review wouldn’t hurt, either.

Looking better

If you’re healthy, you’re looking better. It follows that you are losing weight and gaining strength and stamina. That can’t be a bad thing.

Smiling more

Ok, that firm muscle tone is certainly attractive to the gender of your choice when it comes to finding a date or a mate. But the most winning component under that umbrella we call sex appeal is that big glorious smile you have when you are feeling healthier. Smiles are much sexier than frowns any day of the week.

Doses of Endorphin 

When you are exercising regularly, you are treating your brain to steady doses of endorphins, which certainly makes you feel better. When you work out, your pituitary gland releases this hormone which is a combination of the words “endogenous” which means produced by the body and “morphine.” In translation: This is a completely natural source of a pleasure-oriented hormone that your body produces during a hard workout.

Staying clean and sober

Needless to say, healthy living means staying away from harmful substances that lead to addictions, social and economic hardships, pain, mental health problems and even death.

Of course, this isn’t a simple matter of alcohol and drugs; humans can become addicted to any number of mood-altering behaviors or substances, like tobacco, pain pills, computers, work, food and sex. Needless to say, it takes longer to die from an addiction to computers than heroin, but the point is taken. You want to avoid addictions — take our word on it. This is not something to play around with and change your mind at a later date. 


Healthier habits contribute to healthier relationships, which is not so much a proven fact as the opposite side of the coin might be. That is to say, unhealthy habits are certainly damaging to relationships, so healthy habits, in comparison, are the way to go.

Ask any social worker or anyone working with recovering addicts, for example, at an inpatient drug rehab center in Utah, and you will be inundated with stories of relationships hurt by bad habits. Tell a smoker to quit smoking because it could kill you and you will see marginal behavior changes. But tell a smoker to quit because their relationships with their loved ones will improve and you might see a change. People prefer immediate rewards. Tell a smoker to quit because of cancer 25 years down the road or because of yellow teeth they are already developing and they will quit because of the teeth. The idea of cancer they will wave away, while the idea of perhaps not having a date on Saturday night because of the teeth hits home.

Your Mental Health

Most people understand that maintaining a healthy, positive attitude about life is a critical part of our general well-being.

Life, of course, is a series of balancing acts. We need to eat – but not too much or too little. We need to exercise – but not necessarily to excess. It’s nice to fall in love, but it doesn’t have to consume every minute of every day. We need to work to provide value to our lives, but we don’t have to overdo that, either.

All of these balances contribute to your mental health. In fact, one of my personal theories is that people who are overweight by 100 pounds feel better about themselves if they lost two pounds the previous week than someone who is 50 pounds overweight but gained two pounds the previous week.

So, maybe we do better with a little bit of strategic denial to keep us away from debilitating despair now and again. It follows that the person very overweight should be more concerned than the relatively thinner overweight person, but it doesn’t help to make a change if you are frozen by fear. So, you need to keep that fear away and get back on that treadmill.

Personal hygiene

What came first, the well-groomed individual or the healthy-looking smile?

That version of the chicken and the egg riddle alludes to the idea that if you are not feeling good about yourself, walking around without taking care of your looks and your clothes won’t help at all. Maybe looking good will put a smile on your face, but maybe it works the other way. Maybe smiling will remind you to take care of yourself. That smile is like a yawn or a fit of laughter: It can be contagious. That works, too, because surrounding yourself with healthy friends is also a key to survival.

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