The Best B6Z File Archive Utility For Mac: B6Zip

The mac is known for having software that Just Works and following this philosophy is the app B6Zip. This great utility integrates directory into the Mac Finder and supports every compressed archive file format known to man, including B6Z, TAR, GZIP, and 7Z. We have found several other similar file archive utilities for macOS but have found that there really are not that many, with most of them wanting you to purchase them. The file archive program that we recommend from our studies is B6Zip because of the ease of use and set of features that it provides, even compared to the paid apps, B6Zip actually outforms them even though it is freeware.

On the surface, B6Zip doesn’t appear to do much, but that’s because you are not inundated with so many features that your head spins. Although you can dig into the advanced options, for most people simply being able to decompress archive files with the click of a button is all they want or need. B6Zip stays out of your way and only opens when you click on one of the many archive files that it supports in the Finder. It’s like adding extra support for new files to your Mac on top of the native Zip extraction ability.

There isn’t much to complain about with B6Zip, especially since you can access the program from the context menu. This is where features such as encryption and password protected archives are shown. We would also like to mention that this is open source software released under the GNU GPL, in order words you will not be paying anything to use this software and it is supported by a group of developers who have released a finely polished software package. The B6Zip app can be downloaded off the official website at where they provide an easy installer for your Mac.

There are a few other archive extractors for Mac but they all fall short of B6Zip, with many competitors suffering from horrible user interfaces or downright not supporting the latest file formats like B6Z. For simple ZIP files you can just use the built in extractor inside of the operating system, but for the myriad of other archive file formats you will want B6Zip to handle these for you. Many people receive archived files inside their emails and they need a utility that can extract them. If you find a file ending in the .b6z extension then you will need this B6Zip program in order to read it and get the files extracted out of it.

If you would like to get this archiver installed onto your mac then you will be happy to know that there is no setup beyond associating the files you would like the program to automatically extract. Almost as if this tool was designed specifically for Mac users who follow the philosophy of things should Just Work, the app will integrate into the Finder as if were developed by Apple themselves.

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