The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

When you run a company that provides products for retail or need to ship parts for products from one location to another, you need to find ways to ship those items that protect them from damage. Companies utilise a variety of ways to ship them and depending on what needs to be shipped, they may require extreme care or be move under a fast consignment and held within storage.

For items that need to be shipped with extreme care, there are several ways to do so with certain elements being expensive, such as, hiring a private firm to hand package and deliver the items.

If the idea is to get them to a desired location quickly, without a focus towards the safety of the items then it is possible to use bulk shipping with a low-cost carrier.

If, however the company needs to have items that need to be handled with care and are moved quickly, there are few options and perhaps the best is to wrap the products using shrink wrap.

The Benefits of Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping is a process where items are boxed or bagged and then wrapped in thick grade plastic before they are shipped. Companies will usually utilise shrink machines for this process. These machines can wrap any size or shape package and ensures that the items are wrapped completely and protective against puncture and moisture. Shrink wrapping offers many benefits over bagging alone,including:

A Low-CostMethod to Cover Your Goods – Shrink wrapping is very low cost. In fact, the cost of shrink wrapping is lower than buying boxes for your goods. When you consider the role it plays in protecting your items, its cost is even more justified.

Great Protection -Shrink wrap offers great protection for your items. The wrap provides a tight seal that protects your goods against the most common types of damage whilst in transit. It also protects your goods if they are dropped and is an effective layer against the sun, moisture, grime, dust, even oily substances.  

Great Security – Shrink wrapping also creates a barrier of protection for your items. In addition to the thick plastic being difficult to cut and puncture, but it also provides a means to tell if your items have been tampered with at any point of the shipping.

Brand Your Items – You can have your company name or logo placed on the shrink wrap which gives you an opportunity to brand the items and makes your items easy to spot in a warehouse with other goods. You can even have your logo printed in several colours on the shrink wrap.

Fast to Put on and Remove – Shrink wrap machines work quickly to wrap items and are just as easy to remove. Untrained workers can do the removal in a few seconds per pallet.

Shrink wrap machines come in all sizes and are an affordable option for small, medium and large sized companies. It is the perfect addition for ensuring that your business has the ability to ship or transport products and goods safely and securely.

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