What to Wear in the New Year

Every year, as the end of the December rolls around, the mailbox is brimming with packages, cards, and those invitations to parties. Whether such celebrations are lavish or casual, you want to look your best. You can deck yourself out head-to-toe in about anything you can dream of to celebrate ringing in the New Year. You can upcycle that solid summer dress with a short-waisted jacket or a few baubles. Or you can buy a whole new outfit to ring in 2019.

Even if you decide to camp out on the couch with family and friends, you can always dress your best. Here are a few ideas to dress to the nines as the clock chimes in at midnight.

Perhaps you intend to spend the New Year at home, celebrating with your friends and family. You can find cute, comfortable and fashionable loungewear to wear at home in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Sweater dresses can be worn alone or with a pair of festive leggings underneath to add a bit of pizazz. Sweatshirt dresses, shirts, or jogging outfits are another option that is soft and can be worn alone or glammed up with simple accessories. Thin rose gold and silver bangles together with small hanging earrings can add a hint of glitz.

Velour began showing up a lot  in the 1970s and has a similar look and feel to velvet but without the higher price tag. Famous for showing up on celebrities such as the Bee Gees, eventually its popularity faded but in the last few years that has changed. Velour has been making its way back and can be worn as a tracksuit style in a variety of colors such as a seasonal crimson red.  You can even find velour in a snowy short white dress paired with a gold pashmina. Silk or satin pajama pantsuits look and feel luxurious paired with simple flats for indoor wear. You can wear your hair up or swept back with a rhinestone clip.  Add a dab of roll-on glitter on cheeks, neck, or a few sparkles to your hair. This is especially fun if your party guests include some children.

When invited to a formal New Year’s Eve event, you can either go long or short with your gown. A cocktail dress is a flirty and fun piece you can sport while kicking in the New Year. It comes in a multitude of lengths and styles, though more commonly knee-length. Make sure you read your invitation to know the theme or type of party.

For example, a black tie affair is more formal than a garden party. You can wear a short or floor-length dress polished off with a simple and elegant french manicure, your hair in soft waves, and classic black strappy heels. Evening parties don’t call for you to drag your day purse; a small clutch that stands out and big enough to carry your essentials can be another addition to your party-ready outfit. If you live somewhere chilly, don’t worry. Cold weather doesn’t mean your strapless cocktail dress ensemble has to suffer. Cover your shoulders with a shrug of faux fur or a shimmery scarf, which you can tie in a number of ways to compliment your dress.

Last minute invite in the mail? You can head to your closet with no fear. You can wear that brightly colored summer dress, completed with a heavier, short hip-length jacket to keep you warm. Ignore the after-Labor-Day rule; you can wear a great pair of white stilettos or kitten heels. If you are feeling playful (and following the attire rules of course) you may even throw on a metallic pair of low-top sneakers.

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