Will the Real Chanel Handbag Please Stand Up?

Spotting a counterfeit Chanel handbag might be more difficult than you think. You’ll usually hear that you can spot a counterfeit bag by it’s poor quality or lack of trademark features, such as a logo on the zipper pull or a serial numbered tag sewn inside, but this may no longer be the case as many counterfeit handbags are of such good quality it is almost impossible to tell them from the real thing. There are many countries such as China making counterfeit Chanel handbags but there really is no substitute for a genuine Chanel handbag. Many might think that a high price ensures authenticity but just like the real thing some knockoff bags can sell for hundreds. You expect a fake to be a bargain, so when you see a chancel handbag selling for several hundred dollars, you believe it must be real. There are several things that can help you to determine if the Chanel handbag you are interested in purchasing is the genuine article or just a reasonably well made fake. Check the zipper pull.

It’s all in the Details

All Chanel bags will have the Chanel or cc logo on the zipper pulls. There are no Chanel handbags that do not have this logo pull. The overlapping double C logo comes from Gabrielle’s nick name “Coco Chanel”. Be sure to check the CC logo very closely. It may be an embossed logo, stitching or a hardware logo. The top part of the right C will overlap the top of the left C. Most counterfeits will not have the exact same configuration as the genuine Chanel handbag. There should be an authenticity card with the designer logo embossed on the front and may even include a magnetic strip

Do Your Homework

If you educate yourself and do your research before you buy, you will be able to determine if a Chanel handbag is a fake or the real thing. There are a lot of people out there creating some very good knockoffs of Chanel handbags so you must be very careful when purchasing a bag with the Chanel logo. Chanel will always include an authenticity card, a care booklet and serial number. Make sure all these are included with any Chanel handbag you are thinking about purchasing. It may take you a little longer to find that perfect bag but it will be worth it in the end if you find the genuine Chanel handbag of your dreams!

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