5 Tips to Care for Your Rugs

Classy and vibrant, rugs always render a new dimension to your home. A bright oriental rug can spruce up the entire aura of an otherwise dull room instantly and also boosts up the glam quotient of your overall home. However, you have to make sure to take proper care of your rugs in Toronto to ensure they stay anew for many more years to come.

Place on an even and clean plane

Before you place the rug on your floor, make sure the surface is clean and even. Sweep the floor surface beforehand prior to the placement of the rug. If you want to mop the surface- good enough- but be careful not to place the rug until the floor has dried out completely.

Turn it periodically

You must turn the rug periodically to ensure an even use. Experts advise a 180 degree turn after every 6 months to prevent too much pressure on one side- which can otherwise lead to one-sided abrasion.

Cleaning and washing

This is an important part when it comes to rug maintenance.  You have to sweep your rug every day. Every weekend, lift up the rug, take it to your patio and shake off the dirt and dust from it. In case, you have pets at home, the rug will accumulate pet hair. It means you have to go for a rigorous dusting routine for the rug every day.

The washing instructions would be different for each kind of rug. Some rugs can be washed in washing machines while some rugs are only to be sent for dry cleaning. So, make sure to check the washing instruction for your particular before you go out on a washing spree. Remember, if you are washing it in am machine, maintain a gentle cycle.

Vacuuming the rug

You have to vacuum the rugs every weekend. However, you have to be extra cautious if the rug is too delicate. Oriental, antique and hand-knotted rugs need extra care during vacuuming. By “extra care” it means, you cannot run the vacuum on the rug directly. Make sure to lay a clean nylon sheet over it while vacuuming so that the rug surface does not come in direct contact with the cleaner.

Professional cleaning

Get a professional cleaning for your rug annually. The professional cleaning is especially important when you are about to store the rug.

It is natural for your rug to accumulate stains and spillages. There are various cleaning agents around but make sure to use a non-toxic formula for a safe cleanup.

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