Extra Large Tiles: Perfect For Bathrooms

Information about extra large tiles and how they work really well in bathrooms because of their fantastic benefits and versatility.

Bathrooms and tiles are a true match made in heaven aren’t they? Tiles are waterproof or splash proof (depending on which ones you use), they are incredibly hygienic, they don’t throw up any dust like carpet does and they are so much easier to maintain compared to other floor types. The only problem is, there is so much choice! Choice is a great thing but when you’re deciding, it does make it tricky.

There are so many different materials, colours, designs, sizes and styles to think about, all applied in different ways, and that is without even thinking about the grout!

The good news is, with small bathrooms at least, there is one very easy, very straightforward choice that works exceptionally well every single time for every interior design project.

The easiest tile choice for small bathrooms? Extra large tiles.

Extra Large Tiles Are An Extra Great Choice For Smaller Bathrooms

Extra large tiles have not always been the first choice for bathrooms because of an old myth that larger tiling is a definite no for smaller spaces. Now that so many interior design colour and pattern myths have been debunked, more and more homeowners are getting in on the secret to a beautifully tiled bathroom. Here are just some of the reasons extra large tiles work well in small bathroom projects:

Less Grout

As the tiles are extra large, there is less grout. That can be a really good thing for a smoother, more streamlined look.

Illusion Of Space

Extra large tiles ensure that the visual look is of a larger floor area, which adds to the overall feel of a more spacious room.

Excellent Choice Of Colours

Lighter colours used in decor do make a space feel larger, and that is why a lot of bathrooms are paler in colour – this is  simple home improvement that can really make a difference. Extra large tiles provide just as much choice in shade and design as smaller tiles, so you can still use a lighter colour of tile to create the look of a bigger space.

Can Be Used On The Floor And The Walls

It is always a good idea to match the size of the tiles on the wall and the floor for a seamless look and feel to the room. Extra large tiles can be placed on the floor or the walls so you don’t have to compromise on visual flow and design.

Suitable For Underfloor Heating

A lot of homes use underfloor heating these days to create more space than radiators allow. Bathrooms especially, benefit from heating in this way because the space is already usually quite small and a radiator takes away from that space. Extra large tiles can be used safely with underfloor heating, so there’s no need to compromise on your modern heating choice.

Extra Large Tiles, The Extra Easy Choice For Your Bathroom

Because of their versatility and style, extra large tiles are a fantastic choice for your bathroom decor. Take a look at some styles and designs today to see how these modern tiles can enhance the way your bathroom looks and feels, for a beautiful finish all the family will love.


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