Live in 3rd millennium. Live with CANNY Smartplug

Today is future

Past two decades are the golden age of technics that has changed our life in almost every aspect. Who would think at the beginning of the third millennium that soon everybody has a cell phone with the power of a real PC in his pocket, fast internet access, cars are driven without a driver and smartphones capable of face recognition that looks at their display?

Technologies` development gallops beyond expectations, nevertheless, one area still falls behind. Our houses stand already several tens of years on their place, but the time to move forward is coming. After smartphones and smart autonomous vehicles, the era of smart households is arriving. CANNY smartplug is arriving.

CANNY Smartplug to every household

CANNY smartplug is a revolution in the field of modern living and should not be overlooked by anybody interested in home automation. Small and discreet box contains numerous functions that should not be missing in any household.

By means of CANNY smartplug you can:

• Programme and control the lights in every room in your house or flat – light switch function enables you to automate the lights to switch off when you fall asleep or when you leave the room
• Switch on the heating remotely – CANNY works as wi-fi smart plug, thus it can be controlled from any place equipped with internet access.
• Check what is happening at your home – thanks to movement sensors and remote control plug function, CANNY can be used as a security guard of your home
• Let yourself awake by smell of a fresh coffee – being a smart switch combined with intelligent watch CANNY can recognise that you had just waked up and switches on the coffee machine
This is only a small illustration of how this smart device can make your everyday life more comfortable and most likely you will not be able to imagine the life without it soon. 😊

Watch our presentation video and let yourself enchant with its ease of use:


If CANNY smartplug has attracted your attention, do not overlook our campaign at Indiegogo that is to be launched on September 25, 2018.

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