Baby! Increase Your Face Value

The naked eye cannot determine accurately the skin type, texture and structure. A cold light magnifier lamp is used for this purpose. This is a circular fluorescent tube with a 4.5 diopter magnifying glass in the centre. It throws a bright, white light on the skin’s surface, enabling one to view the structure and texture in great detail.

Common Skin Conditions:

Dry: Refined pores, red blotches, itchy, flaky skin, dandruff in the eye brows, often feels slightly coarse during cleansing can premature lines

Combination: Forehead and cheek areas dry Oily areas around nose and chin. These are to be treated as two separate skin types

Dehydrated: Heavy, coarse-looking skin, deep lines and wrinkles. Skin resembles dried fruit.

Severe Acne: Cystic lumps, oily and red with scar tissues.


a) Dry skin: Insufficient supply of sebum, usage of soaps and over exposure to adverse weather conditions that is wind and sun, central heating and lack of vitamins C, E and F.

b) Dehydrated Skin: Any sudden surge of blood will cause the tiny vessels to burst, trapping blood in the surface layers. This can be caused by extreme temperature, hot or spicy foods and exposure to sun and wind.

French Massage:

This massage is suited to all types and all age groups and is very beneficial to sensitive skin. It is soothing and relaxing with very few stimulating movements. It helps to drain lymph and stimulates circulation. It improves circulation of blood, relieves tension, removes toxins and waste, encourages new cell production, improves skin tone and texture, muscle tone and contours of the face and neck.


This steam ozone appliance give off a fine set of oxygen enriched steam. Vapozone therapy assists in maintaining the skin in a healthy condition. The appliance produces steam, ozone and ultraviolet rays which help to promote natural regenerative powers of the skin tissues. The finely atomized steam gently opens the pores and carries the ionized oxygen deep into the dermal layers.

The Ozone Treatment:

This opens the skin pores and allows further penetration of creams and oils and the germicidal effect of the ozone purifies the skin, killing bacteria. It stimulates blood circulation, softens the skin, relieves irritation, supplies the skin with oxygen and draws impurities to the skin’s surface.

Skin Care:

There is a variety f factors that contributes and influence ageing of skin. Constant care and treatment could go to long way to keep the skin healthy and young. Nutrition, skin care, stress free life style, fresh air and exercise are the best. The finger pressure, Shiatsu or Japanese massage techniques help keeping the skin healthy and young.


This is the use of essential oils on the skin. The oils are obtained from flower, plants, herbs or fruits.

These oils are applied on the skin and due to the action of heat the ions combine and are absorbed into the dermal zone. Pressure points are used during massage to stimulate nerve ending and circulation. When nerve endings are stimulated tension is relieved and when circulation is increased oxygen nutrients and tissue cells are increased, cellular renewal is speeded up.

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