Every destination has a story to tell, but often you don’t get to hear about most of them. Let’s dump the rule book and take the road less travelled and much unexplored. Instead of chasing a handful of popular destinations turn to something you haven’t heard before.

Chan Chan, Peru

This is a hugely underrated place on the face of earth that Peru has preserved for epochs. As a traveler, one has to make much allowance for amazement as he explores one of the important archaeological sites in the world. You get to behold the royal footprints of Chimor civilization that prospered and survived between 9th and 15th centuries. The city along the Peruvian coast has fanned many a historians’ desire to excavate. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is strikingly matchless because of the intricate carvings on walls. A slightly concentrated look at those carvings transports you back to that age. Take a trip to this legacy-ridden place before present erodes away the remnants.

Churchill, Canada

On the northeast corner of Manitoba lies this ideal destination for those who are ready to brave the chill. One of the rarely heard tourist destinations, Churchill is worth the visit. Every day spent in Churchill is a new experience, especially during winter when the place remains alive and kicking. Picture yourself sitting inside heated polar rover vehicles as you drive past polar bears. Frolic in the frost, ride on dogsleds and enjoy the breathtaking northern lights. It is not so difficult to spot thousands of beluga whales during summer days.

Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan is a little, rough Island ten miles from the nearest mainland. Delight in customary town life and angling and find the 17 miles of strolling trails, cairn-art and soaring views.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville is an autonomous city in the US state of Virginia. Virginia is the Old Dominion and the Mother of Presidents a state known for its noteworthy front lines, moving slopes and politically minded Washington workers. Anyhow in the most recent two decades, the state has developed notoriety for something inside and out distinctive fine wine.

Eugene, Oregon

Spotted along the Willamette River, Eugene is Oregon’s second-biggest city. Eugene’s motto is A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors, and outside as far as possible, you’ll discover a play area of exercises from pushing through wine nation to kayaking white water or investigating sea estuaries.

City Island, New York

City Island is a little group at the edge of New York City spotted simply beyond Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx and encompassed by the waters of the Long Island Sound and Eastchester Bay. Most New Yorkers have never been to City Island. This beautiful angling town on the edge of New York feels ages far from midtown Manhattan.

United State is filled with lots of such locations which are not much talked about. It is not possible to travel in the US without ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) Visa for a resident of VWP participating countries. Submit your ESTA Application 7 days prior to your tour.

You may have been to places and have seen much. But still much remains to be seen. Since not all exotic destinations figure in tourist maps, the idea of exploring places unheard of in stimulating. It is all about directing your sail towards the unknown land that can throw loving surprises at you.

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