Build The Oak Frame Home Of Your Dreams

Since the 1970s, timber framing has slowly begun to emerge as a popular option for homeowners across Nottinghamshire and it is now something from which many homeowners can benefit. Whether you plan to build a commercial or residential property, this is one option that will provide a wide range of benefits to you as the owner. The experts who construct these buildings follow a strict code of standards to verify the quality of all construction aspects. The results will be a property that you love and the long lifespan compared to other material options will ensure that you receive the most benefit at the end of the day.


Once considered a resource dwindling faster than it could be reproduced, timber is now known to be a sustainable resource, thanks in no small part to better production methods and the use of farms. This is an environmentally friendly option that can help to produce homes and business for anyone living in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere all over the UK and companies such as Natural Structures provide oak frame houses in Nottinghamshire with expert precision and care. In truth, more than 10 times the number of trees cut down to produce such homes are planted each year, allowing you peace of mind in the knowledge that you are producing a great home without causing harm.

Open Floor

A new trend in the home design is an open floor plan in which a home’s main rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, are open to one another with little more than an island in between them. The flexibility, durability, and strength of timber will allow for a more open layout in your home and simplify the process of bonding and spending time with friends and family. This is especially true because timber frame homes require fewer interior walls to properly support the building, offering you the chance to create virtually any type of floor plan to suit your unique taste for your future home.

Energy Efficiency

If paired with the right insulating panels, your new timber framed home can be made into an energy efficient property in which you can enjoy many years of comfort. Natural Structures is a Nottinghamshire company ready to help you focus on the many ways in which you can recover your investment into your property over time, especially in regards to energy savings through each year. Imagine having a comfortable and beautiful home in which you can relax and never worry about heat or cold, all while you get to see hundreds of pounds dropped off your annual energy costs.

The results of such a great project will leave you feeling glad that you chose this over other materials, especially if you plan to grow a family inside the home. If you plan to build a commercial building, you can trust this option to stand up to any weather, wear and tear, and any practices done within the structure. After just a year using the building, it will quickly become apparent how much you benefit from this choice.

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