Consider Buying Your First Home from a Property Developer

Many people prefer to buy their homes from real estate agents, sale by owner, or from property listings. You may be missing out on some great benefits if you haven’t considered purchasing your home directly from a property developer. Below are a few good reasons why buying new homes in Fresno from a property developer might be your best option.

New Home

There is something about owning a brand new home and being the first to create memories in it. Sentimentalities aside, there are more practical reasons to want a new home. These homes typically come with newer fixtures and appliances, modern designs and up-to-date architecture.

Fair Pricing

Established property developers have vast networks of contractors, suppliers and other professionals and are able to significantly cut costs of building. Dealing directly with the property developer also means no realtor commissions and other associated costs. These savings are passed on to you. You are actually likely to pay less when buying from a developer than similar new homes in Fresno.

Energy Efficient Homes

Home building technology has made major strides in the past few years and this is reflected in the energy efficiency of new homes. Updated building codes, energy efficient windows, and eco-friendly materials all contribute to significantly lower monthly energy bills. Older homes can be expensive to run and maintain so the monthly savings add up significantly over the long term. Developers such as DeYoung Properties are particularly known for their eco-friendly and energy efficient homes.

Desirable Communities

Residential property developers tend to target a similar kind of homeowner. Some communities target doctors, professionals, young families, retirees and so on. Having a similar community makes the adjustment to a new environment that much easier. Neighbors that you can relate to also makes your house feel like a true home.

Custom Home

Working with a property developer especially in the initial stages can mean a customized home. Although the developer may have a prevailing design, he can offer options such as number of bedrooms, kitchen trimmings, preferred fixtures and so on. Rather than settle for a house in your price range, you can get a house you actually like and for a cheaper price.

These are just some of the reasons to think about purchasing your first home from a property developer. It is recommended that you do your due diligence and deal with a reputable developer with a track record of completed projects.

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