Best trends for Flower Girls so far

Flower girls are like the limelight of the wedding before the bride arrives and if you have no one who the Flower Girl is in the wedding then you should know that it is the little girl that scatter flowers on the aisle before the bride walks in and for that she has to walk after the bridesmaids and before the bride herself. Just like the bridesmaids and bride herself the flower girl also get the chance to dress up for the wedding usually the flower girl dresses are cute little frocks so long ones too for the girls that can carry them. Basically, the flower girl also has to dress up just according to the theme of the wedding and sometimes she dresses up just like the bride. There are different trends for the flower girls and following are some of them so you can have the idea according to which trend you need to dress up your own flower girl.


Frocks basically are the main theme for the flower girl and you can add a little bit of different touch to these frocks. Sashes in the frocks make them look very beautiful especially in the toddler flower girl dresses and the ones in which a sash is tied route waist and forms the bow when tied in the back. SO if your little girl loves bows then you must definitely add the sash to her dress. It’s not necessary for the bow to be behind but you can also o it in the front or at her side.

Tiered skirts

Tiered skirt dresses are those the skirts of which forms different frilly layers and it gives such a fairytale look to the dresses so if you buy your flower girl a dress like that she will love it the most and will love to sway around in that dress and will look just like the princess she has heard fairy tales about.

Floral dresses

What can look better in a flower girl dress than the flowers itself? Dresses which have separate flowers attached to it just at the base or even floral straps will look beautiful. If your wedding hall is covered in flowers then adding a little bit of floral touch in your flower girl dress will make it even better.


You don’t always have to go white when the flower girl dress is concerned you can also add colours like pastels which will make her look colourful and beautiful. This way you can also match your flower girl dress to your wedding theme.


Sleeves can also look great and if it is winter then it becomes a necessity to add sleeves and you can also have her wear a small jacket that covered the sleeves and shoulders only.

SO these are some of the trends that can help you determine which dress will look best on your flower girl but once you have your wedding theme decide you will know what to buy.

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