Four Preventable Signs of Aging

Years of religious use of sunscreen, countless nights wearing a moisturizing face mask, unending days spent looking for the best skin lifting creams… but is it worth it? As a woman, taking care of your skin can be a challenging task. Moisturizing and nourishing it, checking the evenness of your skin tone, trying to get rid of dark spots… the list goes on and on.

However, the biggest question seems to be: how many signs of skin aging can we actually prevent? How much of what we do is just delaying the inevitable? So, instead of being rattled by those crow’s feet that you suddenly discovered this morning, take steps to prevent them from appearing!

1. Dark Spots

Dark spots are usually nothing but our late nights, lack of sleep catching up with us. When our cells are exposed to sun damage, a reaction called hyperpigmentation causes them to become darker. Those tiny freckles, however, take years to reach the skin’s surface, showing as a nasty surprise to remind us that those 6 hours straight at the beach weren’t a good idea after all.

Obviously, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is the best way to prevent them. If you already have them, you can use a hydroquinone-based cream to help them fade away. A retinol product may also be handy in speeding up cell turnover and getting rid of the hyper pigmented cells. Stores like Earth Fare often have a variety of natural solutions, and a clerk that knows a ton on the subject.

2. Sagging Skin

Losing or gaining weight can reduce the tautness of your skin just as much as ageing. The overall effect of saggy and loose skin is a gaunt expression that will make you look perpetually tired. Do what you can to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.  Exercise a few times of week and eat healthy!  Your skin will thank you.

Already suffering from sagging skin? The most effective solution is to restore volume and hydration on the outer layers to enhance or restore facial features. Dermal fillers are injectable gels containing many substances like hyaluronic acid or collagen that can be found in the dermis. They increase moisture retention and improve internal hydration helping your skin look healthy and strong.

3. Dullness

Dull skin is one of the easiest issues you can remedy. The top layer of the epidermis becomes dull as it is exposed to extreme temperatures, wind, and other hazards. It becomes dry, and skin starts to flake and chap.

However, our skin is actually a barrier, and it’s made to protect us against heat, cold, and anything else. Just use an exfoliator such as glycolic acid regularly and remove this uppermost layer of dead cells. Microdermabrasion treatment can be suitable to the less sensitive skins, but ultimately, you should prevent dullness by protecting your skin with some nourishing oil such as Argan or sweet almond oil.

4. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Lines and wrinkles are clearly among the inevitable consequences of natural aging. However, many women still get them when they’re young – and they’re totally preventable. Pollution, bad weather, the sun and even smoking exposes your skin to the destructive effects of the free radicals. Those nasty molecules damage substances such as ceramides, elastin and collagen that your dermis needs to stay smooth.

Creams and oils with antioxidants, like sunflower oil or apricot oil, can help you reduce this damage. Wrinkle relaxers can also be used to inhibit the contraction of facial expression muscles to work out dynamic lines and wrinkles while softening existing ones.

How Prevention Helps You “Age Well”

Much like any other aspect of your health, prevention is the best medicine. These small bits of advice can be helpful to improve your skin’s health, but ultimately it’s up to you to protect it.

What do you do to prevent wrinkles in your skin?  Share your secrets for flawless skin in the comments.

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