When Cross-Border Transactions Become Complex

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There are various circumstances that can cause importing and exporting goods to feel like more of a hassle than it’s worth. If you’re shipping sensitive materials like computer technologies across borders, say you’re reselling software to a cloud-based service provider overseas, the process can become quite involved. You must be prepared to present all the proper invoices, permits and certifications in order for your equipment to be cleared which can be challenging for those unfamiliar with foreign customs laws and policies. Unfortunately, a delayed shipment due to suspicion or inaccuracy in the paperwork can cost the exporting entity greatly, so much so that some value-added resellers choose to remain exclusively in local markets.

The matter is compounded further for resellers when they lease their IT equipment, as there is no customer on the other side of the transaction. Because there is no local tax paying entity taking responsibility of the shipment post clearance, many countries will also require an Importer of Record to take charge of the process. Thankfully, there are Importers of Record out there who offer more than a simple signature upon clearance. Many have a thorough understanding of the documentation that must accompany these types of transactions and will take the reigns on the administrative side, taking the pressure off the reseller while ensuring their expensive assets are cleared quickly and compliantly.

Some resellers will also hold a point of presence in multiple countries so if you’re satisfied with your service, you can create a regular working relationship with an entity that exists to make imports simpler for all involved. TecEx for example is one global distributions partner that will act not only as your Importer of Record across 136 countries, but they can even recover import taxes for you from 40 of the countries where such a refund is applicable. They also guarantee best lead times, and their on-the-ground team will even liaise with your forwarder or freight delivery service once they secure the clearance to make sure your goods reach your clients on time. They will even provide their own couriers if your service of choice is unavailable.

They also give access to an online portal where you may follow the progress of your shipment in real time and communicate with your client services executive about any concerns or special requests throughout the process. Through the portal, a quote for your shipment may be obtained in as little at 30 seconds, with customs preapproval in 1-3 days and full clearance between 3-7 days thereafter. Finally, they only charge you for the landed-cost quote, regardless of any changes passed by a country’s legislature once the shipment is accepted.

When shipping controlled-use goods internationally, precautions must be taken to ensure the package is approved the first time around. When unfamiliar with the importing and exporting logistics of a given country, partnering with an expert will save time, prevent hold-ups, and alleviate a great deal of hassle for those working to maintain international business relationships with clients overseas.

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