How to Reduce the Number of Seizures Thanks to a Rather Unlikely Treatment Solution

A recent scientific study released by Bristol University has found that the number of seizures suffered by Epileptic patients reduced substantially when these patients used medicinal cannabis on a regular basis. These are encouraging findings, and back up the wide range of anecdotal evidence which supports this fact. But, what cannabis strains can help reduce the number of seizures that patients suffer?

 Grape Kush

This is a great strain to use for all sorts of seizure disorders. It is characterized by a low CBD concentration of just under 2%. We would only recommend using this strain when you are about to go to bed, as it can result in couch lock and make you feel quite tired. You will quickly grow to love the sweet, candy-like smell and taste of the strain. Users have reported that the frequency of the seizures is reduced substantially, as well as an uplift and mood, making it great for anxiety and depression as well as seizure reduction.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been known to reduce the number of seizures a patient experiences. It has a unique citrusy flavor with notes of mint and spices. This is a personal favorite of mine, and the number of positive reviews online shows how effective it is for seizure disorders.

We would also recommend the Key Lime Pie strain for those who suffer with chronic pain. This is a great strain for those who are just starting out with medicinal cannabis, as it is not considered to be a “heavy hitter”.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is another strain to consider for the reduction of seizures. It may sound like a cute and cuddly strain, but it really packs a punch. The strain is mainly used by adolescents, because of its CBD concentration which prevents a large psychoactive effect. This sativa strain was developed by a grower specifically for an epileptic sufferer in this age range. It gets the Charlotte’s Web name simply because of the trichomes which resemble a spider’s web. We would recommend using this strain during the daytime, as well as night time.

For more strain recommendations, visit your local dispensary and speak with the dispenser who may be able to offer a strain that would directly suit your own personal needs. You can search for your local dispensary using this link –

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