What is Spam and How to Protect yourself

Spam is unwanted and unsolicited email, and it has been around for almost as long as the Internet, and with overly aggressive marketing companies who stop at nothing to obtain mailing lists, which allow them to bombard the consumer with a range of promotions. The murky world of digital marketing has many grey areas, and this is where the spam email lists are compiled, with many companies openly selling their database of client email addresses to the highest bidder. There are also techniques whereby files track a person’s internet activity, and this is why people receive spam emails trying to sell them items they are interested in.

Spam Protection

As you would expect, there are programs that are designed to stop spam before it reaches your inbox, with Mailcleaner being one of the best applications, as it also protects your Internet gateway from harmful viruses. For the large business, this is invaluable, as all of the employees’ inboxes are filtered by the software, which analyses each and every message, and based on a set criteria, it either allows the email in, or it filters it to the spam folder.

How Does Spam Filtering Work?

Simply put, the anti-spam software filters the emails while they are on an Internet server, which means the inbox is completely protected from both unwanted emails and viruses. The email attachment is the preferred carrier for a virus, and double clicking on an unknown attachment could have disastrous consequences, and rather than taking the time to laboriously wade through the pile of unwanted emails and deleting them, an anti-spam configuration gives your organisation total protection.

Beware of the Friendly Email

It might have an alluring header, something like, “You simply MUST read this”, in order to grab the user’s attention, and the attachment might be called “click me” or something similar, and there is no damage done at this point, as the attachment in an executable file (.exe) and when run, it launches the virus. Knowing this, it takes a lot of time, and energy, to go through the daily ritual of checking every email, and if we should make the error of double clicking on the wrong attachment, the attack will commence.

The Science Behind Spam

One might ask the question, “Does spam work?”, and the fact that it is ongoing answers the question – There are those who will buy something based on an unwanted email, and for the spammers, it’s a numbers game, and by employing every tactic they know, the spam email is widely distributed. If you have software that is could-based, it acts as a barrier between your inboxes and the Internet, providing you with a secure method of filtering out spam. Should you wish to retrieve any spam email, this can easily be done, but the important thing is that only specific emails are allowed to pass through the gate, everything else requires user approval before it is uploaded to the inbox.

There are online developers who can configure your company network and with their expertise, all of your employees’ inboxes will be protected.

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