How to Save Money while Planning Your New Kitchen or Bathroom

If you’re considering making some major changes in your home, you might want to consider your options before you take the most obvious route and start laying out hard cash.

Let’s say you want a new kitchen. You could consult with a professional kitchen fitter, choose everything you want from their catalog, then book in a date for everything to be installed.

There are two drawbacks to this approach. The first is that while the installation work is going on you won’t have a functional kitchen for several days, and your family will be surviving on microwave meals and delivery pizza. Also, unless you have a separate laundry room, you won’t be getting any washing done either.

The second drawback is that even though it’s easy enough to arrange, buying a fitted kitchen can be an enormous expense. You could save a bundle by trying to renovate the kitchen you already have. Of course, not everybody enjoys DIY, but if you’re one of those who do, why not see what you can come up with?

Doing It Yourself

If the prospect sounds too daunting, or plain impossible, just ask yourself one question: what exactly do you hate about the kitchen you already have? Appliances can easily be replaced and walls and woodwork can easily be painted. The key question here concerns how you feel about your kitchen units. If you hate the way they look, remember that that’s just the doors you’re considering, and the actual cupboards behind them might be absolutely fine. So, you could paint the doors, or simply replace them, at a fraction of the cost of complete cupboards.

Or else you could remove some of the doors entirely, and paint the cupboard interiors a bright color as a way of showing off your best china. Here are some more kitchen ideas, if you need inspiration.

Apart from the potential cash saving, doing it yourself might also involve a lot less upheaval and chaos, since you can make the alterations at your own pace, tackling one task at a time – and still have a functional kitchen at the end of each day.

A New Bathroom

You could easily approach a bathroom fitter, choose the items you want from their showroom and book them in to do it – but they tend to be a great deal more expensive than an independent contractor would be. So, after you’ve chosen the kind of fittings you’d like in a showroom and got a quote from the bathroom supplier, your next call should be to consult a local plumber. Get an estimate from them as well, and see how the two compare up.

Obviously, upgrading a bathroom is a much harder task, and one that hardly anybody would even consider attempting themselves, so you’ll need to hire a professional.

One advantage here is that if you want new lighting, a new ceiling or floor, or tiling on the walls, a good plumber can arrange for all these things to be done at the same time. Whichever way you choose to do it, it’ll be worth all the trouble when it’s finally done.


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