5 Great Ways of Expanding Your Income in Your Spare Time

As we make our uncomfortable transition from summer to winter and take stock of the financial toll that those heady warm days took on our collective wallets, you could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of resentment at all those extra hours of socializing and seaside trips over the past few months.

We were treated to sunshine in abundance, but now as the days slowly begin to draw in you could be looking ruefully at your cash flow and wondering whether there’s a quick fix to get your balance back on track on the trudge to Christmas.

If so, you’re in luck. Our downtime may be precious, but it doesn’t have to stop us from making money – especially if it’s through doing something that we might even enjoy.

To help those of us who like to be a little bit productivity monitor software from time to time at home, and who might be looking to build a surprisingly healthy income without having workloads encroach on their free time, we’ve created a list of some of the best ways of making money without giving up too much of your life outside of work.

  1. Take online surveys

The internet is rife with opinions, so isn’t it refreshing that there are multiple endeavors out there that actually pay us for sharing our thoughts online?

Online surveys are one of the most popular forms of making money online, and if you’re passionate about them as a side-project you could make plenty of pocket money each week to cover glamourous expenses like a weekly takeaway or a Netflix subscription.

That said, you’ll likely not make enough profit to quit your day job, but as a reward for a few minutes of your spare time, there are fewer more convenient ways to profiting than from survey participation.

Websites like PopulusLive and SwagBucks are great survey platforms, while SurveyJunkie is also very credible. If you’ve ever found yourself twiddling your thumbs on a Monday night then online surveys might well be the perfect way of converting your spare time into cash.

  1. Get started with MTurk

MTurk, or Amazon Mechanical Turk, isn’t too different to the type of work that online surveys require.

The concept behind MTurk is to find workers to complete Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), which are designed to cover the gaps that artificial intelligence can’t fill. This means that your tasks will typically consist of those that can’t be conducted by computers – like describing a picture or choosing the best image to represent a product.

Because the tasks are relatively straightforward, they don’t pay at a high rate, but you can logically spend 45 minutes per day on MTurk and add an extra £100 on top of your monthly paycheck.

  1. Sell or lease some of your unneeded items

One of the most effective ways of making money in your spare time is by utilising the likes of eBay and selling items that you no longer need.

The beauty of eBay is that the online marketplace is so vast that you can often surprise yourself at how many users are interested in your unwanted possessions.

While eBay charges a flat 10% tax on all sales, the potential for profit is limitless – just so long as you have a steady stream of that you’re no longer interested in.

Another excellent way of building a regular income is by exploring logbook loans, where you can get money for your possessions, like a car or laptop.

Rent My Items is an excellent site that caters to users that are willing to loan out their possessions – from barbeques to garages out to people who are happy to pay for the privilege.

  1. Take stock photos

If you’re something of a shutterbug then this might just be a match made in heaven. Many of the world’s largest stock photo websites are willing to pay freelance photographers if their uploaded photographs are bought by customers.

Of course, the caveat here is that you’ll only receive commission-based payments for your work, but it could be a good cash cow for the future. For example, if you upload an image in March, it could be bought for use in April, then three times in June, then twice in July and so on.

The likes of Getty Images and Shutterstock both accept submissions, as well as iStock and Adobe Stock, so you have plenty of platforms in which to work your magic.

  1. Jump into the gig economy

The power of the internet has caused a surge in the gig economy in recent years. Workforces are becoming more mobile, and work can be sourced from just about anywhere in the world.

Fiverr is one website that specializes in bringing the gig economy under the noses of business owners. If there’s anything you’re capable of doing online, from copywriting, to voice-overs, to logo design, there’s bound to be a market for you.

What’s more is that you can charge however much you want based on your abilities or expected demand. Fiverr really puts you in control of your service, and it’s ideal if you want to earn some cash if your free time while exercising your skills.

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