An Introduction to Content Marketing for SEO

There is much discussion about content marketing and its place in an SEO campaign. What is it exactly, is it a useful digital marketing technique and how to get the most out of it to benefit your website and your business?

Anyone who keeps their eye on the latest developments in digital marketing and SEO will know that content marketing is a key element to a successful campaign. There was a time when you could write any 500-word article and publish it everywhere and anywhere on the internet in order to get backlinks to your website and, if you were lucky, some targeted traffic.

But those days are long gone, as any SEO consultant will tell you, and the quality of your content (textual and graphical) rather than quantity is the over-riding factor in the success of a digital marketing campaign. And quality – when we are talking about digital marketing at least – comes down to just a couple of simple elements:

  • Relevance – is it related to your website’s products and services
  • The authority (i.e. quality) of the publishing site

The main focus and goal of a content marketing campaign is to drive targeted visitors to your website, although there is the possibility of raising brand awareness and increasing your business’s presence on social media networks. It is important to understand exactly the purpose of the content and how it will help your SEO efforts to boost web traffic before anyone starts writing an article, producing a video or generating graphics.

Content marketing most often involves writing an interesting article that says something new or, more likely, something we already know in a new way. It is vital that you write about what you know in your own words and your own style if you are serious about content marketing so that you can start to develop a reputation as a good writer. We have all read those articles that have technically correct English but which just don’t read well. They simply will not hold the reader’s attention long enough to get to the end of the article. So if you don’t think you have the right writing skills then engage the help of someone else in your business or buy in the

 services of a freelance writer to produce engaging content.

Pro Tip: Write for human readers first but tweak afterward, if necessary, to add synonyms and related words.

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