Mini-Decluttering Projects

Decluttering in one go can be daunting, so why not do it bit by bit? These mini-decluttering projects are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a lot with clearing their house, a bit at a time.

When spring arrives, many of us can feel like we need to declutter the entire house and clean it, pretty much yesterday. With work, family life, hobbies, friends and general house work, where exactly are you supposed to find the time to do this? You’re not. Let us reassure you that no matter what Miss Perfect or Mr Organised are doing on Instagram or Twitter, you are doing great just as you are. Sure you need to declutter, who doesn’t, but you can’t do it all in one go – that is life, and that is fine. Lets instead, look at some mini decluttering projects for you to plan, so you always feel like you’re making progress, even if it is in small steps:

The Kitchen Cupboards

This depends on how big your kitchen is, so you may want to do one cupboard at a time if there is a lot to do. Simply clear a space on your countertop, empty the cupboard out and then clean the cupboard with kitchen spray and some kitchen towels. Go through all the items and remove any that are out of date, empty or unusable. When repacking the cupboard, consider rearranging it so items don’t get lost at the back, placing items used most often at the front.


Now, if you are super short on time this could just be a drawer, or even a section of your wardrobe. If it is bursting at the seams then you need to get some stuff out of there, pronto so you can make the most of the space. Wherever you are clearing, get it all out and sort it into piles. Charity, chuck, donate to friends, or sell. You may also want to look into another option which is cheap self storage. Cheap self storage offers you the ability to have extended wardrobe space, you just can’t access the clothes immediately, which isn’t a problem say, if you store your coats for the summer; and if you compare self storage prices you should be able to get a good deal.


If you have a Kindle, you may want to get rid of all your books, which means you will have a ton of space if you have a large book collection. If you want to whittle your collection down, why not keep your favourite books and then donate books you don’t want to charity or to friends, or join a book sharing scheme like Read it Swap It. If you have a lot of expensive or antique books that are a collection you may want to use cheap self storage to keep them safe and clear some space in your home.


Clearly photos are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t stop many of us having boxes full of them in our homes. Sorting out photos is actually a really lovely job and you could easily put some music on and have a lovely afternoon sorting your photos out. If you really want to clear space you can scan the photos and get rid of the originals but it is unlikely you will feel able to do that for sentimental reasons, in which case you should make albums out of the photos, or make display art with them so that they are easily available to enjoy.


It is so easy to get a build up of toiletries. Endless body butters you got in gift sets at Christmas, perfume you will never use, nail varnishes and makeup that were impulse buys – they all take up room. Why not give any unused toiletries you don’t want to a women’s charity or shelter? Or give them out to friends (just make sure they aren’t the friends who gifted them to you!) or you could, if you remember where the gifts came from, give them as gifts for birthdays and occasions in future.

Hopefully, after reading this you feel more able to make small, but efficient decluttering changes to your home, without feeling the pressure of getting it all done at once. Happy decluttering!

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