New York Movers

The best way for consumers to stay protected from moving scams is to do their research before handing over their entire life in brown boxes to complete stranger’s with moving vans. New Yorker’s relocating within the state can plan their move in confidence with these helpful tips for choosing “a safe company” among all New York movers.

Safety Tips for Choosing New York Movers

  • Make sure the mover’s carrier is licensed by the Commissioner of Transportation. For verification, e-mail [email protected] Use the complete title for the moving company’s business name.
  • Only accept estimates from New York movers who come out to your home and complete a physical inspection. Be cautious of companies that give out estimates without doing a thorough tour of your home and don’t ask any questions about your household goods. Gather at least 3 estimates from your New York movers before making a well-thought-out choice.
  • Request a copy of the booklet “Summary of Information” from your chosen New York mover. The booklet describes your rights as a shipper.
  • Make sure that you have in hand – a copy of the “Order of Service” from the moving company with the total amount due upon delivery of your household items. All packing materials such as bubble wrap and tape – along with the boxes or barrels should be included in with the packing fees. Check for any extra items on bill that were not discussed or explained.
  • Don’t skip reading the fine print of anything that you sign and keep copies of all such documents together in a folder that will be accessible when needed. Remember, you are moving. Put it in a special place so that it will not be packed or thrown away.
  • Take the time to make a complete inventory of your household goods, the condition of your furniture, and the number of boxes.
  • Check into the liability of the moving company and the process of purchasing additional coverage.
  • Schedule flexibility into your moving route and give contact numbers – and the New York address for your new residence to the moving company.
  • File written claims for any loss or damage as soon as possible. Movers are required to acknowledge your claim within 30 days and resolve within 120 days.

Sometimes, even after following the proper safety protocol, the movers may run off track somehow. For consumers that are moving within the stateliness of New York – the Department of Transportation will look into any complaints that you have filed about your recent move. 



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