Shake off Your Headaches With Letting Agents In Upminster

Talking about the letting agents, they manage properties for private property-owners. Their responsibilities range from obtaining tenants and gathering rent to upkeep the complete administration. In case a property you rent is getting managed fully by an agent, you might never officially meet the landlord. Of course you will be having their name, contact details and address.

Obligations of these Agents

Letting agents in Upminster charge the landlords fees for catering these services. They are also contractually obliged to place the best interests of their clients first. It is important to understand that the agent will not be in a position to provide a tenant advice with regards to any feature of the occupancy that would compromise the position of a landlord.

Advantages for Tenants and Landlords

There are numerous advantages of using a letting agent while looking for a property. There is no doubt that a good agent will have excellent local knowledge of areas they serve. It is invaluable in saving your time and effort in finding the correct home within the limits of a strict time frame. These agents also provide a buffer between you and your landlord problems, which may arise during the time of the tenancy.

Similarly there will be peace of mind for you. It is because landlord faces various pitfalls like incorrect claim forms, invalid notices, undefended deposits, creating the wrong tenancy agreements, dilapidation in the property and so on. Actually Landlords have numerous legal obligations which can be forgotten. Letting agents will take such a burden and satisfy most of the obligations of a landlord on his behalf. Moreover, you can always feel relaxed about taking correct legal actions.

Important Factors to Look Out For

As the loyalty of an agent is foremost with their client landlords, tenants have to be active regarding their own preferences and interests. It includes responsibility for awareness and knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities. Remember that these agents shall never give you any suggestion if it compromises the position of the landlord. So, it is always good to stay attentive.

The Agents Must

  • Be in the position to answer all the questions posed by you.
  • Acquaint you with all the aspects of the property like operating appliances, heating and boiler and so on.
  • Cater you copies of electrical and gas safety certificates. They must also hand you over an energy performance certificate
  • Generate a custom-made tenancy agreement for you
  • Cater you the contact details of your landlord
  • Forward your repair related requests to landlord and send you the feedback promptly.

In case the letting agent does not possess a complete management role then you have to understand what their responsibilities are and at what points you must contact your landlord directly.

Thus, once you have Letting agents in Upminster all the paperwork and contracts will be dealt in a prompt and professional manner. You need not to worry about timely rent, upkeep and other petty issues because the agent will take the entire headache for you.


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