Drift in Inbound Marketing: 2018

Ever since the advent of the internet, business around the world has been found countless ways to make their product stand out in the market. One of the most effective ways to reach out to the target audience and convert leads to customers is inbound marketing. Through inbound marketing business focus on creating quality content at the right time that elevates the possibility of lead generation and conversion. A methodology to provide free of cost solution to buyer’s query with tailored informative content, Inbound marketing appeals customers with blogs, email marketing, ebooks, social media marketing and much more and strengthens their organic presence.

With the rapidly evolving marketing scenario, the techniques to engage, convert, seal and retain the consumer has grown multifold. Hubspot introduced inbound marketing strategy to the world, which buttons down the four crucial points to entice leads, retain customers and make these consumers, a promoter of your brand.

Virtual reality, voice search, live streaming, mobile optimization dominated the marketing world in 2017. Let’s have a look at trends that might be a rage in the inbound marketing universe and help business in their growth.

Live stream:

The live stream has been a huge hit since it’s 2017 launch, courtesy Instagram, and Facebook.

The comfort of being able to connect with customers as and when you want, help marketers know how is their brand name performing with the help of live feedback section. An extension of video marketing, live stream brings transparency and helps to nourish the buyer-consumer relationship. The possibility of missing the content being delivered at that particular time, if not seen, makes live stream a robust marketing tool to entice the audience.This content marketing strategy helps business elevate their audience engagement without spending much money.

Interactive content :

The only talking about their brands without consideration for the audience advertisement had their days numbered. Customers are attracted towards trade name that delivers relatable content. Something that holds their attention to finish the content. Brands that think beyond promotion and more into association with the consumer’s lifestyle have helped them with developing a profound and long-lasting connection. Content with a personalized touch to it has more possibility of drawing audience. A problem-solution story-telling approach customer’s requirement help with building a stronger relationship, generating more leads and increasing sales prospects.

User-generated content:

User-generated content refers to guest posts, blogs that are written by unpaid contributors who have used the service provided by the said website. It can be an image, a video, a blog, discussion forum. This trend is becoming apparent with people inclined to invest in the product with better reviews. Instead of asking for professional advice, customers are more interested in what users of the same service across the world have to say which helps in making a sound decision.

Pillar Pages:

With search engine optimization changing its focus from keyword stuffing to generating quality content which resonates with the audience, inbound marketing methodologies are working on organizing and presenting the content in a refined manner with pillar content. User search habits have changed over time, leading Google to change its algorithm in a way that web pages become precise and yet cover everything the webpage has to offer. With pillar pages, the website is restructured around topic clusters. It helps in building a strong foundation for your business by improving content quality and boosting page rank.

Inbound marketing needs to be implemented in business strategy to mark presence across the large-scale audience and consistently innovating in the direction to produce refined content is the way to it.

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