The Most Affordable Play Surface

Grass is just about the best play surface you can find. It is versatile, soft, and maintains itself in most situations. Grass can be cut short with hard-packed soil for a tennis court surface. It can be allowed to grow longer with a looser soil for a playground surface. There are so many options for grass. However, grass can also be expensive. Grass grows by itself, so many people tend to miss the actual expenses of grass. One common expense is the money you spend watering your lawn. You also need to seed, sod, and fertilise the lawn if it’s not growing properly, which can be very expensive. If you have a lot of grass to maintain, such as at a business or a school, you might not even have the resources to maintain it yourself. In that situation, you would have to hire a groundskeeper. However, there is another option.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is a great choice for school playground surfaces. The move towards synthetic grass began in many NFL and AFL stadiums as they searched for an inexpensive way to create indoor fields. The old turf has fortunately been retired in most cases; the old turf was essentially a carpet that was rolled over a cement floor. The new types of synthetic grass feature a soft, flexible, and lightweight material that is used to produce actual individual blades of synthetic grass. Since it is made in individual blades, it better reflects the actual appearance and function of grass.

Furthermore, the individual blades of grass allow for the synthetic soil as well. The synthetic soil is a layer of rubber pellets that cover the field. That layer of pellets adds softness to the surface, and is also key to the versatility of the synthetic grass.


As stated earlier, grass can be used for playgrounds, tennis courts, footy fields, and so much more. One of the most important elements to the versatility of grass is actually the soil. For example, you’ll need a hard soil to be used for a tennis court. However, if you wanted to play footy, you’d want the soil to be soft enough for marks and tackles. The rubber pellets that serve as the synthetic soil are key to such occurrences.

Adding more rubber pellets creates a slower, softer surface. Fewer rubber pellets makes everything move faster and the surface much harder. Most people who are buying synthetic grass surfaces for playgrounds like to use more rubber pellets. Children are prone to falling and hurting themselves. A soft place for them to fall is very important. However, you might consider having different levels of synthetic soil or different heights of grass in certain parts of the playground, which could allow children to play football or some other game.

There are many different uses for synthetic grass. It’s most important that you buy from a reliable supplier who offers you a wide range of options. That way, you can play as many different games as you would like.

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