Tips to Renovate your Kitchen with Worktops

Home décor encounters various fleeting trends every year. Since Kitchen décor demands a big investment, one must choose kitchen furnishings and fittings that continue to last for a long period. And kitchen worktop is important mainly because it is constantly exposed to extreme thermal conditions, water, and detergents.


With so many options available in the market, it is easy to get confused while you shop for kitchen worktops.  Choosing a countertop is challenging (and sometimes expensive) because it should be durable and as well as aesthetically pleasing. Most people opt for high-pressure laminate, stainless steel, and wooden worktops.  However, granite, quartz, marble and quartzite worktops stand out as they are stylish, durable, scratch-resistant and highly practical.

If you are someone who appreciates the beauty of stones, then natural stone or engineered stone can be a good option for you. Check out the pros and cons of some of the best kitchen worktops options below so that you can select the right one for your kitchen space.

  • Quartz

Quartz is available in a wide selection of colours because any pigment can be added to it. Therefore, they can be easily combined with many other materials to design a personalized kitchen. You can maintain the beauty of quartz worktops for years. Quartz is hard wearing and requires very little maintenance, but it does not withstand rapid heat changes well.

  • Marble

Marble is a traditional and timeless option for your kitchen worktops.  When maintained properly, this material retains its elegant look for decades. Nevertheless, you must know the pros and cons of marble worktops before deciding in favour of this most appreciated material. Marble worktops require extensive care and caution. Additionally, marble is more porous and softer material than granite. Thus it is relatively easily tainted and scratched.

  • Granite

Owing it to its good thermal resistance, granite worktop is ideal for the kitchen. You can put hot kitchenware directly on the granite worktop without worrying. Granite worktops will gel with almost every kitchen décor and material. It is a natural stone that is hard and not easily damaged in the course of everyday use. However, it is not completely unbreakable, but appropriate maintenance will ensure that granite worktop lasts for years. A granite worktop is also very easy to clean. If you’re planning to buy a granite worktop, remember that the light granite tends to be more porous than the dark one, hence it stains more quickly.

  • Quartzite

If you are looking for a slightly different material for your kitchen worktop, then natural quartzite is a great choice for you. It will provide an elegant look to your kitchen. This stone is usually available in gray or white but coloured natural ones can also be found occasionally. The natural one offers unmatched durability, and its neutral colours complement any décor style. It is also fairly hard and withstands heat very well.

All these stone countertops are stylish and sturdy options for your kitchen. Choose the material that complements your kitchen décor, and it will surely transform your kitchen into the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Lastly, whether it is quartzite worktops you go for or the evergreen marble, make sure you choose the right supplier.


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