Transform Your Living Space with a Laminate Floor

Have you considered adding a hardwood floor to your living space? Maybe you found that the price was more than you could pay. If so, you can still achieve the same effect by selecting an alternative. A laminate floor is designed especially for people who want a wooden floor but cannot afford the product.

How the Flooring Is Made

If you want a floor that stands up well in high-traffic areas, is easy to maintain, and wears well over time, you will find a laminate floor to your liking. If you have kids or pets, this floor is the one to choose. The floor’s durability is based on a four-layer construction. The layers used for the flooring materials include the laminate or wear layer, a backing layer, a core layer, and a decorative layer in the middle.

By reviewing how the layers are made and integrated into the floor’s design, you can see why a laminate floor stands the test of time. The top layer of the floor is made of an overlay material made of melamine resin. The overlay makes the floor easy to maintain and offers long-term protection. The decorative layer of laminate flooring features a high-resolution image. The quality of the laminate is determined by the image’s clarity. Below the decorative layer is the core layer made of HDF, or high-density fibreboard.

The core’s HDF is comprised of condensed resins and compact fibres of wood. The backing layer is added to provide solidity and to prevent moisture absorption. The backing layer also serves as a safeguard between the laminate’s core and the subfloor.

Taking Care of a Laminate Floor Is Easy

Because the floor is hard-wearing, it resists abrasions as well. Caring for the floor is also simple. You can clean the floor with a damp cloth or vacuum it. If the floor does get scratched, the mark can be easily removed with a repair kit.

Another advantage associated with this type of flooring is its installation. Laminate floors are easy to install because they do not depend on adhesives or nails to secure them. The floor is also called a floating floor as it is installed by using a tongue-and-groove system. All you need to do is to click the strips or planks into place.

Some of the Featured Species

Boards come in various sizes and you can choose from a variety of species, or floors that resemble the following woods:

  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Walnut

Many homeowners like the super wide boards of laminates that are known as monster boards. You will too once you review the selections online. After taking a look on the web, visit a showroom to have a closer look of the beautiful laminates on display.


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