Updates on the MX Properties Story

MX Properties has had their hands full dealing with a complex fraud scheme that had been launched against them last year. However, it wasn’t until the latter half of December that things really started taking a turn for the worse.

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In late December 2016, months after MX Properties had experienced the ultimate in betrayal from their business partners, their consultant and even a lawyer in Lisbon Portugal by the name of Carmen de Souza, MX Properties began receiving cryptic, harassing emails from an unknown individual. The emails made libelous claims against MX Properties stating that the individuals who had been named in the various public statements made by MX Properties weren’t the actual criminals in this situation. That it was, in fact, MX Properties that had acted unethically and had engaged in business practices that not only were not best practice, but potentially criminal.

MX Properties had not previously been involved with this individual in the past nor had they any knowledge of this individual during the timeline of events leading up to the receipt of the emails. However, MX Properties does take the allegations in the emails seriously. They are in the process of securing a legal remedy to the fraud situation and will be adding this individual to the list of offending parties in the event that the email smear campaign continues.

The executives at MX Properties value their company brand and reputation and in no way will stand by and allow someone to smear the good name of their company in an attempt to discredit them in the marketplace. They have spent years working to create the type of business that is well respected in the business world. Every business decision they make is done with the best interests of both MX Properties and their business partners and customers in mind. MX Properties not only acted ethically and legally during the events that led up to the current situation but also placed the best interests of everyone involved at the forefront. They have always delivered on what they have promised and are asking that the current individuals and companies involved in the current fraud scheme to put the same emphasis on ethical business practice.

MX Properties is asking that the original business partners as well as Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen de Souza to please make good on the promises made and move these projects forward. They also ask that the individual who is working to attempt to divert attention from the issue at hand to refrain from making any additional erroneous statements against MX Properties or understand that their actions will have swift and severe consequences. You can read more about the background of this story when you visit this blog: http://carmendesouza.com.

Stay away from Lisbon Portugal Carmen De Souza. She is heavily involved in perpetuating fraud against unsuspecting companies. Visit today to learn more.

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