When Portable Generators Don’t Work: Here’s A Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Campers rely on their portable generators to provide light and electricity in the outdoors. These handy machines help in making the camping trip more comfortable for the not so outdoorsy types. The generators are also perfect for families with young children. The problem with bringing a generator to a campsite is the possibility of it breaking down in the middle of the trip. This can be disastrous and ruin the vacation, if you don’t know how to fix the problem.

Pay attention because these are handy tips worth noting so that when your generator malfunctions in the wilderness, you’ll know what to do.

Check Fuel Levels Daily

Many newbie campers tend to forget that a generator runs on fuel. They overuse the machine and do not fill it up with fuel which leads to a breakdown. Avoid this problem by checking the fuel levels every morning. Fill up the tank before using the generator for the night. Always bring more than enough fuel to power the generator for the entire duration of your trip.

Fuel Line Problems

When the fuel line of the portable generator has a crack, a leak, or even plugged up with debris it will not work. During these instances, repair the fuel line is useless. It needs to be replaced with a new line. Bring an extra line with you during the trip, you’ll never know when you’ll need one.

Check The Fuel Filter

Some generators come with a plastic filter which is designed to prevent dirt and debris that have mixed with the fuel from entering the carburetor. When the filters have gathered too much dirt, gasoline can no longer reach carburetor and the generator will cease to function. Check if the filter is dirty by removing the fuel line that is attached to the carburetor. If it is dirty, change it with a new filter and try if the machine is fixed.

Double Check For A Spark

Without the spark plug the portable generator will not work, double check to see if the wire is connected to the spark plug. A spark that is covered with a layer of thick and oil liquid is a bad sign. This means that there is not enough oxygen, but there is too much fuel. Replacing a spark plug isn’t a job for anyone, it is best left for an experienced mechanic. Doing repairs and replacements by yourself can lead to damage of the generator.

Check The Generator Before Hand

The best way to avoid any generator failures and mishaps during the camping trip is to check the status of the machine a few days before the scheduled trip. This will give you enough time to get repairs done if needed. Never venture out on an extended camping trip with a generator that isn’t in top condition. You will end up getting frustrated from all the problems and probably spend a few nights of misery in the dark and cold.

Be smart about your camping equipment. Always be ready for unexpected mishaps and failures.

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