4 Reasons Why Metal Blackening Is The Right Choice.

For those of us who work in business and industry, we rely heavily on tools and relevant equipment and we need to be safe in the knowledge that the tools and machinery, are both reliable and safe. People will always tell you, that if you buy cheap tools and equipment, then you are looking for trouble. They may save you some money in the short term, but in the long term they are more hassle than they are worth. We typically hear of goods coming from China that are cheap, but they end up breaking quickly and jeopardising the safety of everyone.

With metal blackening, you are guaranteed a stronger and more durable solution to strengthening tools and machinery. It is a process in which we use chemicals to alter the outside layers of metal,and thus, turns it to a black colour. This metal blackening provides a multitude of advantages and we will tell you some of them here.

  1. Safety Is Key – In today’s modern workplace, health and safety is the number one priority and in an engineering or industrial capacity, we need tools and machinery parts, that are going to be very safe to use. This means we don’t want parts or tools blinding fellow workers on the factory floor. Historically, tools were shiny due to their metal composition and their finish, and they presented all sorts of problems. When workers were welding, for example, the flash of the welding rods would reflect off the shiny tools and machines, and blind other workers. Metal blacking means no reflection of light.
  2. Cheaper Than You Think – Business today is all about profits and to make bigger profits, money must be saved. Many think that the blacking process costs a significant amount of money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Traditional processes like the chroming and plating of metal actually costs more than blacking, and so blacking allows for more profits and more savings. It ends up paying for itself.
  3. Perfect Precision – For companies who choose conventional plating and chroming, they are going to have issues, because they add additional layers to the components. These additional layers mean that the part or component are not exactly how they should be, and this adds to problems with dimensions of products later on. With metal blackening, we don’t have these type of issues, as there are no extra layers of materials on top of the tools or components. This allows for precision and fitting.
  4. No Dangerous Fumes – Safety is always key in any business and the safety of workers is paramount. If a process results in absent employees, then it needs to be addressed and made safer. A number of finishing processes can be quite dangerous to workers, because they release carcinogenic compounds that are dangerous to people. The blackening of metals does not have this effect and so is much safer to use. It is performed quickly and is very beneficial, cost wise.

Blackening is a great way to protect tools and machinery, as well as making them safer for others to use. If you want to save money and be more safety aware, then metal blackening is for you.

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