5 Best Cloud CRM Softwares for Those Who Love Their Customers

Customer relationship management systems have already become an essential element of modern business. The software of the kind helps companies of all sizes and from all industry areas to bridge the gap between salespersons and marketers. It connects the dots between different teams of the organization, provides safe storage of its essential data, and increases the level of customer loyalty.

Today’s businesses give preference to cloud CRM solutions, which let them obtain and systematize actual information from dozens of digital sources. With such software, companies do not have to develop fixed, “physical” IT infrastructures. Besides, cloud-oriented platforms allow all of the company’s employees to save, store, and access the data they need via the Internet.

Here is the list of the best cloud-based CRM software products that can be implemented in small, medium, and large organizations irrespective of their industry and geographical location.

  1. Bpm’online

It is a process-driven customer relationship management solution aimed at automation of marketing, sales, and client service. This cloud-based software offers a variety of tools for customer lifecycle management, so that you could monitor and control every step of this process.

Distinctive features:

  • Bpm’online lets users align marketing, sales, and service in a single platform. In fact, it consists of three integrated solutions that can be used both separately and all together, as a united CRM bundle.
  • This software helps sales managers with customer engagement. You will have a user-friendly database for storing your contact data, a number of tools for consumer behavior forecasting, and mobile sales capabilities.
  • Bpm’online is the best cloud CRM software for those who want to develop and support continual communication with every customer. You will be able to talk to your buyers right from the platform.
  • Using this product, companies make their marketing campaigns more efficient. The software offers a number of tools for client segmentation, lead generation, event management, etc.
  • The system is both Windows and iOS-compatible. You can easily synchronize it with your current corporate software.
  1. Salesforce

It is a popular cloud-oriented CRM suite offering modern organizations a number of apps focused on sales and support. Salesforce products have many useful functions, such as sales management, marketing automation, and client service. Using this cloud CRM software, you get an excellent opportunity to manage your customer accounts, track new leads, create and monitor email campaigns, and provide high quality post sale service.

Distinctive features:

  • The system lets users track and monitor almost everything – their employees and suppliers, prospective clients and existing buyers, email campaigns and deals, and more.
  • Salesforce is a perfect solution for those who want to accurately forecast the growth or decline of their business based on multiple parameters.
  • With this CRM tool, you will be able to manage end-to-end customer relationships, as you will see the whole client life-cycle, from the first order to support calls and repeat sales.
  1. Infusionsoft

It is a cloud-based CRM software designed for small and medium-size organizations from all industries. The system helps users create better connections with their clients, track new opportunities, and convert more leads in less time.

What is special about Infusionsoft:

  • This cloud CRM platform lets companies obtain actual information from multiple channels and store it in the same place in an organized manner.
  • The intelligent tools of this solution log automatically every client interaction and generate follow-up messages aimed at different groups of customers. These groups are formed in accordance with the people’s level of engagement.
  • With Infusionsoft, you will be able to create your own digital storefront and sell goods and services to your customers in the most convenient way. It is a perfect tool for managing shopping carts, conducting in-house inventories, billing, and so on.
  • Moreover, this cloud CRM software features a number of advanced analytics tools, which help users improve their business insights and make informed decisions in less time.
  1. ProsperWorks CRM

This customer relationship management application is designed to help users consistently follow-up with every lead, organize their business information, and establish a repeatable sales process. The software is fully synchronized with Gmail and other Google apps, so that you could enjoy seamless data interchange among all these apps and see contact data associated with your emails right from your inbox.


  • This cloud-based CRM solution captures sales activities and shows up-to-the-minute data on how your salesmen work. You will always see whether your employees are tracking against the company’s goals.
  • It offers a variety of simple, but powerful practices, which make businesses grow with minimum of time and effort. With ProsperWorks CRM you will be able to deal with many different issues.
  • Besides, the software allows organizations to import their leads from the apps they use into a single database, where they will always see clients’ names, contacts, emails, phones, etc.
  1. Claritysoft

This cloud CRM software is designed, first of all, for large enterprises. The platform helps users manage customer contacts and accounts, monitor and control the company’s sales activity, and schedule the employees’ work hours.

What is special about this solution:

  • Claritysoft allows users to create an effective selling environment by means of organizing their clients and leads. All the actual data on your existing and prospective purchasers will be stored in a single database, so that you could easily connect the dots between what you see and what you do.
  • A user-friendly calendar will help you stay on top of the most important appointments, events, and missions. Create tasks directly in the software, set reminders, allow or refuse access to your team members, and appoint employees responsible for certain missions.
  • With this cloud CRM software, you will easily organize and track leads, qualify and convert them into accounts and then – into opportunities.


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