5 Garden Trends To Simplify and Beautify

As Spring and Summer are only a heartbeat away, our thoughts of beautiful outdoor spaces come to mind. Colorful, brilliant hues teamed with easy to maintain plants surrounding focal points like sculptures, artistic furniture and ornamental fences are all possibilities. Here are 5 outdoor garden trends that are heating up landscapes everywhere.

  1.  Ornamental Fences: Don’t fence me in! Take a cue from an Ornamental Iron Fence Austin, Txwhere everything old is new again. Fences created from sustainable products will accent landscapes and set the scene for beautiful gardens. Mixtures of wood and iron, multi wood types and faux materials sprinkled with gorgeous artistic elements will create focal points throughout a landscape. And there won’t be just one fence to enjoy. There will be a variety of different fence heights and styles throughout one property, too, creating an inviting, welcoming aura.
  2.  Color, Color, Color: Let the sunshine and the rainbow take over your ornamental landscape. Since neutrals are all the rage for home decor, the more color the better for outside spaces. Creative, multicolor and multi variety perennials and annuals will fill decorative pots, window boxes and flower beds. It’s an exciting time for bright orange, yellow, purples and reds to explode in gardens. Whether the colors come in the form of flowers, containers, furniture or on fences, take the lead from Ornamental Iron Fence Austin, Texas where everything is bigger, bolder and brighter. No rules, it’s all just right when it comes to color this year.
  3.  Unplug and Unwind: The younger generation is beginning to embrace gardening in an effort to unplug, unwind and give back to nature. Technology has overtaken our everyday lives and it seems like everyone is “plugged in” way to much. So, we’re seeing a trend towards a younger gardener. They may or may not be home owners, but getting their hands away from their mobile devices and into some dirt for awhile allows them to get in touch with nature and create something beautiful. Some ways they are accomplishing this is designing a container garden, planting a tree or starting a community garden.
  4.  Seasonal Conifers: Now you see it, now you see it a different color. Leaves aren’t the only things that change in the fall. Color changing conifers are popping up in gardens everywhere for their uniqueness and entertainment value. They begin green in the summer, turn bronze, purple and orange throughout the seasons.  

5.  Artistic Surroundings:  The trend of bringing the inside space out continues and in a very artistic way. And by artistic we mean paint and paint brushes. Both novice and experienced artists will paint everything they can get their brushes onto, walls, gates, iron fences, rocks, patios and porches will share a palette of creativity. It may be as simple as a ladybug drawn on a rock for a centerpiece, or as big as a fence splashed with an rainbow of colors to an entire wall with a thoughtful mural, but art will continue to paint its way into outdoor spaces.

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