What to look for when buying a 110v to 220v converter

If you have a 110v power source, chances are you’ll end up looking for a 110v to 220v converter sooner rather than later. Many appliances require a 220v power source, and they will not run properly if a 220v source is not available. Unfortunately, most power sources are 110v. If you need to convert a 110v power source to 220v, however, there are many quality converters on the market that will get the job done properly. Keep in mind that it is not wise to skimp on any sort of electrical equipment. When buying a 110v to 220v converter, you should take care to ensure that you are getting the best piece of equipment you possibly can. To learn more about what to look for when buying a converter, read on.

Customer reviews

If possible, check out customer reviews before purchasing a converter. There are many websites that feature customer reviews for different products. You can check the reviews on these websites, but you don’t necessarily need to purchase the converter from any of them. Try to check as many different websites as you can to get the widest range of views on the product. Also, remember that reviews are simply expressions of opinion. You should pay attention to them, but customer reviews should only be one component of your converter purchase process.


Any decent converter will come with a warranty. You should first make sure that the item does, in fact, have a warranty. This is an obvious and important sign of quality. After checking to see whether or not the converter has a warranty, you need to see how long it is and what it covers. Of course, you want a warranty that is a long as possible and that covers as much as possible. Some warranties only cover failure through normal use. Others, however, cover failure caused by electrical surges or other situations. You may have to contact the seller or manufacturer to get the details on the warranty.


It is tempting to look at price and only price. Of course, the price is the most noticeable feature of the item being sold. However, a converter that is much cheaper than similar items is a cause for concern. Keep in mind that you don’t want to simply get the cheapest converter possible. A cheap and shoddily made item could even be dangerous.

Buying a converter

Now that you know what to look for, it is time to buy a converter. Consider everything rationally and do not rush through the purchasing process. As long as you follow the process set forth in this article, you will end up with a quality piece of equipment.

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