5 Watches That Have Lived To Tell A Tale

5 Watches That Have Lived To Tell A Tale

Look at the popular watch brands and hone in on the classics that have stood through generations. Those eclectic vintage pieces have been around for decades, and continue to impress. Whether you’re a business professional, a sportsman, celebrity or a connoisseur –that league will have something to suit you.

Brands like Rolex and Omega are always reinventing and that’s why they have become benchmarks of a kind. This stands true for their luxury watches for men and women ranges

Here we line up 5 exceptional watches that have lived through time to tell a tale of their own:

Rolex Submariner

Since its inception in 1954, Rolex Submariner has changed the watch industry giving a complete overhaul to the craft of watchmaking. Safe to say, the industry hasn’t been the same ever since. It was released as a professional diver’s watch that almost anyone could enjoy. Submariner is a popular model for a good reason. Durability is its strongest suit, its slick style remains timeless, and is suitable for any man (or woman) regardless of look, style or age. 

Omega Speedmaster 

Regardless of history, technology or prestige, Speedmaster series has some of the most widely acclaimed sports chronographs in the world. Looking for a handsome but not too flashy chronograph with a great history, distinctive looks, and long enough life that lasts for generations? Well, that’s exactly what the Speedmaster offers. NASA chose the series for space expeditions and one of them was strapped to Buzz Aldrin for his 1969 moonwalk. Imagine that, you really cannot go wrong with a timepiece that marks a milestone in mankind’s history.

Cartier Santos

A revolutionary collection of timepieces, which literally kick-started the trend of men wearing watches on their wrists. All timepieces in the collection have a surprisingly enduring design that is closed linked to the birth of manned flight. The first man to achieve sustained flight in a fixed wing aircraft in 1906 was Alberto Santos-Dumont. He was close friends with a French jeweler names Louis Cartier and shared his difficulty of carrying a pocket watch while flying. To come up with a practical solution to the problem, Cartier crafted the Santos design. The design is over 100 years old and features a square dial with classic roman numerical with an elegant leather strap. cartier Santos series has a deep-rooted history you can still be part of.

IWC Portugieser 

The story of this timepiece is as interesting as its name. Somewhere in the 1930s, a few Portuguese ship merchants required a legible and highly precise watch that could be worn while on board a ship. At the time it was necessary to have precise marine chronometer clocks because there was no way for the ship to update its clocks while at sea. And of course, having a watch wrapped around their wrists was much better than to rely on stationary clocks. Keeping this in mind, IWC devised a watch for those ship merchants. Their design is based on ship instrumentation and marine clocks, and they remain extremely popular sellers for C Portugieser even today. Portugieser comes in various designs but each has a large-size dial with applied Arabic numerals and properly proportioned hands.

Breitling Navitimer 

Navitimer is a popular pilot watch that came into existence in the early 1950s. The timepiece became a sensation because of its unique design– a combination of chronograph and slide-rule bezel. After its launch, it instantly became a must-have for military and professional pilots. Apart from the telling the time, it was able to offer a range of necessary inflight calculations, which made the watch a favorite to anyone flying an aircraft. Today, Brietling offers several versions of the Navitimer with their own in-house movements and it remains one of the brand’s top sellers.

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