Designer Sets

Nobody wants to buy only one piece of jewellery as a gift. Either it is a pair of bangles or it is a set of jewellery, allowing the customer to buy a set of jewellery. It is the best option when it comes to gifting someone at occasions. Designer sets are very popular among the female population as it has the latest designs of earrings and necklaces.

Whenever we talk about designer sets, we think of the latest designs of earrings and necklaces. We love those as they serve as a multipurpose product. It can be gifted to a relative on their wedding day or it can be gifted to your wife when she is super upset with you. In that scenario gifting a designer set is the best option to make it up to her and make her happy at the same time.

Now let us take a look at some of the designer sets consisting latest gold earrings, and gold chain with locket designs that are available easily and can be gifted on any occasion and serves the purpose in any scenario!

  • Gold necklace set – This set is made with 22-carat gold. The Latest design of earrings is its special attraction. It also has the locket design on the gold chain. It is perfect for gifting your loved ones on their special day as it will leave an ever-lasting impression on them with its charm.
  • Designer high gold bridal set – As the name suggests, it is a bridal set that can be gifted to brides on or before their wedding day. This set has pearls embossed on the necklace to make it look more beautiful and elegant. Its earrings also boast a stone at the centre of them to make it a perfect match with the necklace. This is for sure is a unique bridal set.
  • Light weight gold set – This set is known for its light and easy to carry around properties. This is the kind of set that now-a-days people prefer and love to wear. It has a South Indian touch that adds to its beauty. It is a combination of yellow gold necklace with locket design with earrings matching the design of the locket. This is the set that can be gifted on any occasion. It can also be gifted to your wife who is already a fan of well South Indian Silk to match it with her choice.
  • Gold designer ruby emerald set – It is a 22-carat gold necklace set with floral pendent giving it a locket design. The earrings also have an impression of floral design in green colour which adds to its elegance. This is the set that can be gifted on festive occasions as well as at contemporary occasion like a graduation party. It that one set that stands out at any occasion.

All these sets are very special and handpicked so as to suit your occasion and priority. The pricing starts from ₹50,000.

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