Where to Buy the Best Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a flat, hard ceramic or stone designed to place the already baked dough used to make a pizza crust. The pizza stone is porous on the top to absorb moisture leaving the dough crispy. Pizza stones can also be used to make biscuits, bread, and cookies. Pizza stones are used for home purposes to make homemade pizza and bread.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Pizza Stone

Size of the Pizza Stone In Relation To the Oven

Pizza stones come in various sizes and shapes depending on your preference. You should determine the width and the depth of the oven cavity before getting your pizza stone. You need to allow at least one inch on either side for air circulation.
The available shapes of baking stones are square rectangular and round shapes. Rectangular shaped pizza stones provide a large surface area and are preferable if you are planning to bake bread and other foods. If you plan on baking bread only then square and round pizza stones will suit.

The Material of the Pizza Stone

The best pizza stone comes from natural materials which have quality absorbent characteristics. The thinner the pizza stone, the higher the chances of identifying cracking with time.

Clay or stone

This material has got a large variety to choose from and at various prices. However, the period of preheating is long because it is hard for clay or stone to absorb heat.

Cast iron

Cast iron heats quickly and has got handles that are used to remove it from the oven. Cast iron does not break nor does it crack. However, it is heavy.


Steel conducts heat better and faster than clay and can cook more evenly even at low temperatures. Steel does not break nor crack making the pizza stones longer lasting. Steel-made pizza stones lack handles, therefore, cannot be moved with ease when they are hot. They are also expensive as compared to other materials.

How to Use Your Pizza Stone.

Once you decide which pizza stone is good for you, using it is rather easy. Place the pizza stone in the oven carefully before preheating it. As the pizza stone is heating slowly, prepare the pizza. When the oven is ready for use, sprinkle cornmeal to dust the pizza stone. Thus this ensures pizza does not stick to the pizza stone. Slowly slide the pizza on the pizza stone. After 10-15 minutes the pizza is ready, and you can turn down the oven and remove the pizza. Leave the pizza stone to cool down inside the oven.

Where to Buy the Best Pizza Stone

The best pizza stones are the ones that fit your preference in material and size.


Amazon is an online site where you order a pizza stone and it is delivered to you at a pocket-friendly price. Amazon offers a variety of pizza stones with vivid descriptions and reviews about the product. Shipping services are also available.

KaTom Restaurant Supply

KaTom is also another online site that deals with pizzeria equipment among other products. The pizza stone goes at affordable prices and guaranteed delivery.

The Top 4 Pizza Stones

Cast Elegance online store has a variety of pizza stones that a potential customer would choose. The prices for pizza stones are also affordable on this site.


You no longer have to go out and get a crispy pizza because a pizza stone design is for home use. A pizza stone is a cost-effective option for pizza lovers and bakers. It should give crispiness to the dough that you place on top of it. The guidelines provided for obtaining a quality pizza stone suits every potential buyer in more than one way.

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