Are You Ignoring Humidification Of Your Space


Summary: Industrial humidification is important for a healthy working environment. Ignoring humidification of the working space can be dangerous, as explained here.

Industrial humidification is an upbeat topic of discussion when it comes to maintaining a healthy working environment. Even large scale research and industry studies have concluded that optimum humidity conditions are not only important to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) for safety of workers, but also to allow some processes and machines operate at their best. The commercial humidification systems are becoming more important to provide employees with a healthy working environment that takes care of psychological well being of workers.

To quote the numbers, you need to maintain relative humidity levels in any working space at 40% or more. Any drop below 40% will result in increased risk of respiratory illness and incidence of absenteeism.

Humidity-What it is

Now that you have understood why industrial humidification is important you need to know a few things about humidity. In simple terms, humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor present in the  air, which is measured as absolute humidity and relative humidity depending on the scale of measurement.

Now the percent of relative humidity in air decreases as the temperature of the air increases, which results in more volume of air. The absolute humidity remains the same which is why you cannot rely on absolute humidity measure.

What happens in industrial setups?

As we mentioned, with the rise in temperature of air, the relative humidity decreases. This is a common situation in industries where operational machines generate heat, which is rejected in the ambient air. If you think air conditioning or HVAC systems installed in a factory act as commercial grade humidifiers then you are wrong. Rarely, any of the HVAC systems are designed to maintain relative humidity and mostly these systems reduce humidity below the recommended 40% level to maintain comfortable conditions.

This is why it is essential to install industrial humidification systems along with HVAC systems to keep the relative humidity in the working area at the proper levels.

Industrial Humidification Systems

Industries need ambient humidity levels to keep machines and processes working at their best, but more importantly to protect their greatest assets-people. The ideal air commercial humidifier systems are designed to maintain a healthy working environment. Proper levels of humidity help in preventing growth of molds and allow dust suppression that prevents dust from entering the systems and clogging them. The new age commercial greenhouse humidifier systems are designed to maintain superior ambient humidity. These systems are automated that save energy bill and switch off when needed, to prevent water pooling and surface wetting.

You should in a quality commercial grade portable humidifier to ensure a healthy working environment for the workforce and increase the productivity of your machines and people.

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