Which Clerical Jobs Are Available On The Market Today

When you are looking for a rewarding career with good opportunities for growth, you should consider taking on a clerical role. This could be in a traditional office or you may be part of a team in a warehouse or a factory.

You need to have a good idea for detail and be extremely organised when performing clerk jobs in Malaysia or applying for them.

What clerical jobs are available on the market today and what skills do you need to have?

Administrative Assistant

When you are an administrative assistant, there will be several tasks that you need to fulfil. You may be asked to transfer paper documents into digital files. Typing up documents and letters will be one of your main roles. You may also be asked to scan and print documents so that they can be turned into leaflets or brochures.

An ability to work quickly without any mistakes is required. You will also need to be familiar with a range of different software programme which is designed to make your job easier. If you perform well in your role, you might be promoted to a higher-paying role such as an office manager.

There are many different administrative assistant jobs that you can apply for.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant has lots of different roles. You will have the job of arranging meetings for your boss as well as screening all of their calls. You might also be asked to prepare power point slides for presentations that your boss has to give.

It will also be your role to greet clients as shareholders when they come to the offices for a meeting. You need to be extremely personable and polite in this kind of role.

There are many different personal assistant jobs that you will be able to apply for.

Office Manager

The office manager is responsible for a wide variety of different tasks. You will need to make sure that all of the admin staff are performing their jobs to a high standard. You will also be in charge of the filing system that is used in the office. Implementing health and safety procedures will be something that you work together with the HR department on.

You will need to be able to manage several different tasks at once and you should also have a knack for organisation.

There are many office manager jobs that you will be able to apply for.

Payroll Clerk

Payroll is incredibly important because employees want to pay the right amount of tax and they also need to receive their wages on time. You will need to be extremely good at using spreadsheet software and you must have a head for numbers.

There are lots of payroll clerk positions that you can apply for.

When you are looking for a clerical job, you need to think about the strengths that you have and improve upon your weaknesses. Then you will hopefully get the job you desire.

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