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There can be no doubt that Christianity has served as one of the great literary inspirations of the past two millennia. From the enduring brilliance and power of Dante’s Divine Comedy and John Milton’s Paradise Lost to the radical theological genius of William Blake’s poetry and the Christian overtones of the writings of Charles Dickens and Evelyn Waugh, the philosophical and thematic heft of Christianity continues to have a significant impact on culture today.

Today there is no shortage of Christian authors, and they are as prolific as in ages past. This quick look at some of the most popular genres of Christian books in the UK today can help you decide where you’d like to begin if you are looking for Christian books.

Faith Books

The subject of faith is a complicated one, to say the least. There are mountains of texts available on the subject of what faith is, where it comes from, how psychological and philosophical understandings of faith as a phenomena factor in, and so on. Faith seems to be something quite unique to humanity as a species, so it should come as no surprise that the tradition of faith-based books has continued to this day. For example, some of the leading faith-based books today examine faith in the context of our world in the twenty-first century. What does faith mean in the modern day? Take a look and find out!

Spirituality Books

The concept of ritual and spirituality is one which, like faith, seems largely unique to humanity. Books on spirituality can provide a great way to grow, evolve, and even challenge your understanding on the topic. What is the basis for spirituality? From whence does it arise? What does it mean to you, personally, and how does that compare to the ideas of others? Read and learn!

Growth Books

Jesus and the Holy Spirit have historically been two of the most discussed topics relating to Christianity, and that discussion continues to this very day! Take that knowledge of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and apply them to the subject of personal growth through a series of new books. Use Christian philosophy and inspirational anecdotes to enhance your life. And for those looking to learn about “Dieux,” some of the newest and hottest books on the subject are likewise available in French, allowing you to improve your linguistic skills while simultaneously bringing you closer to a deeper understanding of current stances on Christianity as it exists today.

Prayer Books

Prayer, like reading, can be a deeply personal act. As such, it should come as no surprise that there is a whole slew of books available on the subject of prayer. Discover new methods of prayer and reconnect with older ideas on the subject. Make a fresh start with bold new books offering the latest anecdotal and spiritual insights on the subject.

The past two millennia have been marked by a wide range of theological and philosophical discussions about Christianity. Enrich your understanding of this subject with a host of great Christian books from both the past and present.

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