The Benefits of Percussion Lessons for Children

It is considered settled psychology that it is beneficial for children to play a musical instrument. The earlier they start, the better off they will be. Children learning instruments early in life is great because it exposes them to something that could be very beneficial to them. If the child does indeed like the instrument that he or she is playing, it could lead to a great and enriching hobby. That hobby could even become a career. The earlier you start playing an instrument, the longer you have to master it. Beyond even that, though, it can be incredibly beneficial even for children who aren’t very good at the task. Just because a child is not very good at the instrument does not mean that he or she won’t grow from the experience.


Percussion lessons are great for children because they will learn a lot about rhythm and hand-eye coordination. Playing an instrument, especially a percussion instrument, involves very fine control of motor skills. Those skills can be natural but they can also be learned. Music teachers in Cambridgeshire can help your child develop his or her fine motor skills. Those are skills that will be useful in every facet of life. Good hand-eye coordination is very important for many different tasks.

Noise Levels

Many children are fascinated by percussion instruments, especially drums. However, a full drum kit can be expensive. Also, the amount of noise that a drum kit produces can be very disruptive. Instead of having it in your house, you could hire a percussion teacher to help your child and also keep the noise out of your own home. That will provide you with a level of peace in your house.

A music teacher is a great benefit to you and to your child. The skills learned will be helpful for years to come.

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